In last week's poll we asked How much time you spend gaming. Spending your time playing video games no longer requires having the best PC available, or even a console to play on, as anyone hooked on Angry Birds can tell you. With games more available than ever, we want to know how of your time is spent enjoying them.

Gaming wins out

Sliding into first place, is "I play at least an hour each day" with 27 percent of the vote. "I don't play video games" skidded into second place with 26 percent of the vote. In third place with 24 percent of the vote was "I play a few hours each week". Not too far behind was "I am constantly gaming" with 14 percent of the vote, and "I game on the weekend" picking up a solid 9 percent. So it's pretty overwhelmingly obvious hat gaming is a part of most of your lives with 74 percent of you spending at least a little bit of time on games.

So is gaming an every day activity for you, or is it relegated out to the weekends? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know how much time you spend on games!