With Black Friday already gone and Cyber Monday here, we have seen quite a few great deals so you can build your new gaming PC rig. But once you've acquired all of the parts, there are still some peripherals to pick up, including a mouse pad. But this Cyber Monday deal isn't just for any old mouse pad, as you can get the fantastic Corsair MM300 mouse pad for just $15

Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad Render

Designed for gaming: Corsair MM300 Mousepad

After building your new PC gaming setup, you're going to want to grab some peripherals, including a mousepad. The Corsair MM300 is a fantastic option that is long enough to place both your keyboard mouse on top while making it easy to forget about any potential fraying from prolonged usage.

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The problem with some mousepads, especially for gamers, is that you need the mousepad to be fluid and smooth. Corsair's MM300 delivers, as it's made from a textile weave, which is designed for "pixel-precise targeting and low friction tracking." This ensures that you never miss a shot and can whip around to see what's going around you as fast as your reaction times will allow you.

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Corsair MM300 LifestyleSource: Corsair

Another bonus with the MM300 is the actual size of this mousepad. Measuring in at 36-inches x 11-inches, this will be the perfect addition to your new standing desk to keep the tabletop protected, allowing you to use the pad for both your mouse and keyboard. And the anti-skid rubber material on the bottom of the MM300 ensures that your mouse and keyboard won't be moving around while you're in the middle of an intense gaming session.

One more great feature of the MM300 is the anti-fraying methods that Corsair has taken. The mousepad sports stitched edges, combined with the textile weaved surface, which protects against any peeling or fraying that may occur over time. Corsair wants you to use this mousepad for years to come and has taken all of the necessary steps to make this the best desk mouse pad on the market.

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