Best Waterproof Cases for Skiing and Snowboarding

Smartphones are indispensable tools when you're on vacation. We use them for getting directions, taking beautiful photos, or listening to tunes as you carve down the mountain. And fortunately, phone manufacturers are doing a better job of making great waterproof phones.

But when there's a chance your phone may get stuck in a snowbank from a nasty spill, having a little bit of waterproofing redundancy is a good feeling. Fortunately, there's a variety of ways to keep your phone — and other valuables — secure and protected as you scream down the mountain.

Lifeproof FRE Cases

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Lifeproof is the go-to case maker for outdoorsy types. The FRE series of cases are designed to offer rugged protection against the nastiest drops, while also keeping out any dust or water from getting at your phone.

Starting at $89 these cases are damn expensive, but an important investment when you consider the rising prices of the latest flagships. With a Lifeproof case, you're also buying into a flexible platform for taking your phone with you on all your outdoor adventures thanks to Quick Mount accessories for armbands, bike mounts, and car mounts along with ingenius lanyard wrist straps with a built-in charging cable.

And unlike other waterproof cases on this list, these are specifically designed to snuggly fit your phone without impeding its functionality in anyway. With this case on your phone you can stop worrying about your phone getting broke and focus on avoiding avalanches.

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Mpow Universal Waterproof Case

If you don't want to splurge on a Lifeproof case, or they don't make a case for your phone, your next best bet is a universal waterproof case. These are popular cases for beach-goers but they'd work perfectly on the ski hills, too. This case from Mpow will accommodate phones with screen sizes under six inches (sorry, Note 8 owners) and includes a handy lanyard for hanging your phone around your neck. It's compatible with touch screens with a clear back so you can snap a quick photo wherever you are.

Since this is a pouch, you should be able to slip some cards or cash in there, too, or other valuable items you can't afford to lose on the mountain. Best of all, this Amazon listing is a two-pack of cases, and at only $8 and one-day shipping available via Prime this is a great last-minute item to get for you and your travel partner before you trek towards the mountains.

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Blue Sky Basics Waterproof Pouch

Looking for something a little more secure in terms of keeping all your valuables close to your body whenever you're on vacation, but also something that won't be too clunky when you're going down the mountain? Blue Sky Basis has a great traveler's pouch that's also waterproof when submerged up to 32 feet deep.

This pouch will not only hold any phone, but you could stash more than one, or keep your passport, cash, snacks or whatever else you want with you on the mountain. The strap is fully adjustable and designed to be worn around the waist, as a cross-body satchel, or a shoulder bag. For a functional waterproof pouch that you can take from the mountain to poolside or wherever your adventures take you, you gotta check out this for just $20.

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MoKo Universal Waterproof Phone Case

MoKo is a trusted case manufacturer that consistently delivers great value, and its universal waterproof case is a great pick for most phones and surprisingly functional.

Firstly, this thing is slim and easy to use with secure handy tab mechanism for locking your phone in. The touchscreen is fully accessible, even when submerged up to 98 feet, and MoKo includes a look for connecting a lanyard for hanging your phone around your neck along with an optional armband accessory.

Available for just $6, this is a great waterproof case available in a wide range of fun covers and fits phones with screen sizes up to six inches.

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How do you keep your phone safe on the slopes?

These are the best cases for keeping your phone snow-free on the mountain, but we want to know what you've tried? Is a Ziplock bag good enough for you? Let us know in the comments!

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