Best Stealth Games for PlayStation 4 in 2022

Joel and Ellie sneaking by an enemy
Joel and Ellie sneaking by an enemy (Image credit: Sony)

Action-packed, fast-paced gameplay isn't the only way to get your heart pumping. Some of us get that same experience being as stealthy as possible. The stakes are never higher than when you can't be detected, so here are the best stealth games for the PlayStation 4.

Time to be a sneaky sneak

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If you're looking to stay in the shadows, pick up The Last of Us Remastered. This remains one of the most beloved PlayStation 4 exclusives for a reason. The story, the gameplay, you just can't go wrong and we look forward to see what happens in the upcoming sequel. But if you are looking for something a little newer, A Plague Tale: Innocence is a wonderful option to slink through dark abandoned towns as you try to stay safe in a most dangerous time.

There is a little something for everyone, from horror to fantasy fans, PlayStation 4 has you covered. And, beyond the flavor of the game there really is a variety of stealth styles. As for those who want the thrill of hiding in plain sight, you won't get any better than Hitman 2. Be the sneaky sneak -you- want to be, you can't go wrong with any of these games!

Jennifer Locke
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