Finding a really great deal on the PlayStation VR can sometimes feel impossible. Compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, this virtual reality headset has quickly become a favorite amongst gamers moving into the VR space; unfortunately, that also means there's rarely a reason for Sony or any retailers to provide a discount on it. Luckily, PSVR deals are out there — if you know where to look.

Playstation Vr PsvrSource: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

While the PlayStation VR is primarily a headset, you'll also need the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move controllers to complete the setup and play VR games on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. You could purchase these items separately and potentially pay less by doing so, though an easier way to purchase everything you need is with a PlayStation VR bundle. Sony usually offers a bundle that includes these essential VR peripherals as well as a new VR game so you'll be ready to start playing immediately.

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Best PSVR deals

Playstation Vr Iron Man Doom3 Bundle

PlayStation VR Marvel's Iron Man + DOOM 3 Bundle | $369.99 at GameStop

For just $20 more than the bundle above, you can pick up DOOM 3 VR Edition along with everything the previous PSVR bundle from GameStop comes with, including the PSVR headset, PlayStation Move controllers, the PlayStation camera, and the game Marvel's Iron Man VR.

$369.99 at GameStop
Psvr Headset Refurb

PlayStation VR Headset (GameStop Premium Refurbished) | $149.99 at GameStop

Snag the PlayStation VR headset for only $150 in refurbished condition at GameStop! You'll also need to buy the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move controllers separately, and don't forget a PlayStation console!

$149.99 at GameStop

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