Join the virtual reality (VR) family with your very own PlayStation VR (PSVR) system. The PSVR has one of the easiest setup instructions for beginners and has a light headset that comfortably fits glasses. With an ever-growing list of titles coming out each month and plenty of genres to catch your interest, you won't get bored of this console anytime soon. If you're looking to save money, but still want a headset of your own, here are some of the best bundle options I was able to find that come with some of the best games!

No physical copies: PlayStation VR Meg Pack

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This bundle comes with five digital games for the PSVR for the same price as a bundle that only comes with two physical games! The digital games included are VR Worlds, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Skyrim VR, Doom VFR, and Wipeout Omega Collection. On top of this, it also includes the PSVR headset and PS Camera. Move controllers sold separately.

$330 at Amazon

The perfect starter set: Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Moss Bundle

Discover true imagination with Quill with Moss or safe little friends in Astro Bot Rescue Misson. Both of these titles are full of adorable friends and puzzles that serve as the perfect introduction to virtual reality. This bundle includes the PSVR headset, PS Camera, Moss, and Astro Bot Rescue Mission. It doesn't come with Move controllers, but you don't need them to play either of these PSVR games.

$250 at Amazon

Combat ready: Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot Bundle

Jump straight into the action with this bundle. Creed: Rise to Glory is the best boxing game that exists for the PlayStation VR and Superhot provides a stellar, fast-paced, combat system to get your adrenaline running. Since you'll need both hands to play this game, this bundle includes two Move controllers, a PSVR headset, a PS Camera, Creed: Rise to Glory, and Superhot.

$330 at Amazon

Test out everything: Worlds bundle

Five phenomenal experiences are packed into Worlds, effectively making it a five-in-one experience. It's perfect for beginners because it gives you a taste of everything the PSVR is capable of, as opposed to having to buy five separate games with all the different flavors. Also included: PSVR headset and PS Camera. Move controllers sold separately.

$276 at Amazon

Violence in space: DOOM VFR Bundle

DOOM VFR is a Sci-Fi adventure full of disgusting monsters, big guns, and an abandon space station that needs to be cleaned out of all signs of alien lifeforms. If you're looking for one of the best VR shooters for PSVR, this is a great place to start. This bundle includes DOOM VFR, PSVR headset, and PS Camera. Move controllers are sold separately.

$263 at Amazon

Put it in gear!: Gran Turismo Sport Bundle

Gran Turismo Sport (aka GT Sport) is a driving game for the PlayStation VR to introduce you to the world of driving in virtual reality. The graphics are phenomenal and the motion runs smooth, even though you're moving at a simulated fast pace. This bundle includes GT Sport, PSVR headset, and PS Camera. Move controllers sold separately.

$250 at Amazon

Suns out, guns out: Firewall Zero Hour Bundle with Aim Controller

Firewall Zero Hour is a great shooter game to jump into virtual reality with. What's better is that this bundle comes with the PSVR Aim Controller, which was specifically designed to give you a better sense of immersion for compatible shooting games. Also included: PSVR helmet and PS Camera.

$77 at Amazon

Get ready, soldier!: Bravo Team Bundle with Aim Controller

Bravo Team is another PSVR shooter, but this one supports both single player and multiplayer online for a two-man co-op. Dive into this militaristic game where the entire world, including the government that used to support you, is against you. You can even enjoy the added immersion of playing with a PSVR Aim Controller! Also included: PSVR helmet and PS Camera.

$100 at Amazon

Get started in virtual reality today

Virtual reality (VR) is taking the world by storm and for a good reason. Putting on a VR headset to jump into a game gives a whole new meaning to first-person gaming by placing you right in the thick of your favorite games, shows, and movies. There is plenty of new games and live streaming events releasing each month with all sorts of different genres to get lost in. There's something for everyone with horror, puzzles, fantasy, VR tabletop, and so much more.

For some reason, a lot of the PSVR bundles lack the PlayStation Move controllers. They aren't required for most games since the PlayStation VR offers compatibility to regular DualShock controllers, but using the Move controllers provides a higher experience for immersion. It's just better to separately move both of your hands while playing as opposed to clicking buttons and triggers.

Controllers you need to get started

There are three choices for controllers when it comes to gaming with the PlayStation VR. If the bundle you selected doesn't come with one of these options and you want one, here they are!

PlayStation Move Motion Controllers ($90 at Amazon)

These are the most popular option when it comes to playing with your PSVR. Instead of holding a DualShock controller you can use two Move controllers to represent each of your hands for better immersion. Make sure you check the details of the games you order because some of them are only compatible with the DualShock while others are only compatible with Move. There are quite a few that support either of them as well.

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller ($46 at Amazon)

DualShock 4 wireless controllers are the standard PlayStation 4 controllers that come with your console. Most VR games have compatibility to these controllers, even if it's recommended to play with Move controllers, while other VR games only work with DualShock. A puzzle game, like Astro Bot, is an example of a game that only allows you to play with DualShock instead of Move.

PSVR Aim Controller ($60 at Amazon)

PlayStation VR Aim Controllers are not compatible with every VR shooter game for the PSVR. While it offers a much better experience for shooter games, it is only supported with the following games: Arizona Sunshine, Bravo Team, ChromaGun, Dick Wilde, DOOM: VFR, Evasion, Farpoint, Firewall Zero Hour, Rom: Extraction, Special Delivery, The Brookhaven Institute, and Unearthing Mars 2. If you don't have any of these games, with no intentions of owning them, don't get the Aim controller.

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