Best places to find a PlayStation One

An original PlayStation console offers benefits that the mini PlayStation Classic just can't compete with. It can be difficult knowing where to look to purchase an older system like this, but luckily you have a few different options that are worth your time to check out.

Where should I buy an original PlayStation One console?

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While GameStop traditionally did not accept trade-ins of decades-old systems, the retail chain introduced a program several years ago to do just that and try to wrangle in retro console enthusiasts. If you're looking to purchase an old PlayStation One, this may be the best place to do so as GameStop guarantees that every pre-owned system sold is tested and works well. Not only that, but you have a 7-day money back guarantee as well.

Because it may be difficult to find one of these bad boys in stores near you, GameStop allows you to purchase them online.

$40 at GameStop


Amazon is another reputable website where you can purchase one of these consoles. Though the retailer is only a storefront for other third-party sellers in this matter, the current seller, Sosa Games, has received thousands of great reviews. The PlayStation consoles in question are marked as being in "very good" condition despite being used, and include cords, a memory card, and a third-party controller.

If you happen to be unsatisfied with your purchase, Amazon has an extensive return and refund policy that will likely cover you in the event that there is something wrong with your order.

$48 at Amazon

What are my other options?

If you know of a local used game store near, it might be worth checking out to see what they have in-stock. One such location near me, Oogie Games, is an established local business and happens to have an online storefront and ships worldwide.

Oogie Games' return policy covers you for a full refund within 30-days if the item is defective and you have the original receipt.

$25 at Oogie Games

Where should I avoid?

I'd try to avoid marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, or fleamarkets as they tend to cause more issues and hassle. Your mileage will certainly vary, but you could easily find yourself scammed and out of luck.

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