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Everyone who works in an office setting, be it a corporate cubicle farm, a mom and pop shop, or working from a home office, knows that having a good office chair can make all the difference toward good posture and chronic pain. Unfortunately, not all of us have tons of cash lying around to invest in a $1,400 Herman Miller Aeron chair, especially after spending money on a good office desk to go with it (unless you use a lap desk!) We've compiled a list of some of the best office chairs under $100 (or slightly over, as pricing fluctuates) that you can find. Our top pick is the VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair. Not only does it look cool, but it also has great support and ventilation for a fair price.

Best overall office chair under $100: VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair LifestyleSource: Amazon

Maybe it's just me, but when I sit down in a chair for hours on end, my end gets very sore. Too much information? Maybe, butt I'm sure I'm not alone. That's why I like office chairs that have some or all of their surface covered in a soft cushion material and plenty of adjustable features to match my personal preferences. In addition to built-in lumbar support, this Massage Gaming Chair from VON RACER offers adjustable armrests, adjustable height, and an angle adjuster.

Tho top it all off, the VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair also has a removable neckrest and a recliner to give your weary feet some rest. If all that PU leather gets a little hot, you can take off the neckrest and lumbar pillow to allow for some aeration. If your back gets tired of sitting in the same place all day, you can plug in the lumbar pillow via a USB cable to enjoy a massage.

The design may be a bit loud for professionals, but you can get it in black or grey to tone down the gaming chair vibes. Overall, this office chair touts supreme comfort at an affordable price.


  • Soft PU leather cushioning
  • Removable neckrest
  • Lumbar support with massage
  • Footrest and adjustable armrests


  • May seem a bit juvenile
  • Not much mesh for airflow

Best overall office chair under $100

Von Racer Massage Gaming Chair Reco Png

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

A breath of fresh derrière

With super soft padding and ultimate adjustability, this chair will make you feel like a work-from-home hero.

Best value office chair under $100: AmazonBasics Classic Leather Chair

Amazon Basics Classic Leather Office Chair LifestyleSource: Amazon

When I started working from home full-time a few years ago, this AmazonBasics chair was my first home office purchase. It has continued to serve me well as a guest chair since I've now upgraded to a more fancy gaming chair. It's still just as comfortable and practical as the day I purchased it.

Don't let this chair's low price and "basics" moniker fool you. It's padded for hours of comfortable seating and comes in three colors to match any decor. Assembly is an absolute snap. This chair is a little smaller than others on this list, perfect for those more petite workers or even as a child's homework chair.


  • Comfortable padding
  • Subtle styling to match any decor
  • Simple setup


  • Smaller size may not be ideal for larger workers
  • No ventilation
  • No neck support

Best value office chair under $100

Amazon Basics Classic Leather Office Desk Chair

AmazonBasics Classic Leather Chair

Simple setup

This comfortable and versatile chair works just as well in the boardroom as in a kid's room.

Best looking office chair under $100: Devoko Office Desk Chair

Devoko Lifestyle 3Source: Amazon

I like this high-backed chair because it looks like something that could fit in equally well at a lawyer's office, a CEO's meeting room, or even a basic cubicle. The back is contoured to support your back in just the right spots, and the seat is covered in black leather.

Even though the Furmax High Back Office Chair below is positioned as a more elegant chair, to my eyes, this Devoko chair looks the classiest of any on our list. The chrome accents really shine and are sure to attract many compliments from your jealous coworkers.


  • Stylish and sophisticated
  • Excellent back and neck support


  • No real padding
  • No ventilation

Best looking office chair under $100

Devoko Office Chair Mid Leather

Devoko Office Desk Chair

Solid spinal support

The Devoko Office Desk Chair offers subtle support and surprising comfort in a stylish package.

Best gaming office chair under $100: Furmax Office Gaming Chair

Furmax Office Gaming Chair LifestyleSource: Amazon

Since you'll be spending so much of your time in an office chair, you probably want it to not only be comfortable but to have some flair or style to match your personality, right? If you're using the chair at home, you're going to want something that can be multipurpose for, say, some video game time. Welcome to the world of gaming chairs!

Gamers have known for some time the benefits of good neck, lumbar, and bottom support, and now others are catching on. This version from Furmax not only comes in some fun accents like blue, red, and white, but you can get it in all black if you want the benefits of a gaming chair mixed with the stylings of a more professional working chair.

Whether you need your chair to pull double duty or you just want your chair to have a little more personality, the Furmax Office Gaming Chair just might be for you. It's available in a professional-looking black or with red, blue, or white accents.


  • Great comfort and support
  • Styling works for office while maintaining cool undertones
  • Holes for upper back ventilation or additional neck support


  • Relatively short back for a gaming chair
  • Armrest height is not adjustable

Best gaming office chair under $100

Furmax Office Gaming Chair Blue

Furmax Office Gaming Chair

Game on!

The Furmax Office Gaming Chair presses all the right buttons for business and pleasure.

Best drafting office chair under $100: Best Office Mesh Drafting Chair

Best Office Mesh Drafting Chair LifestyleSource: Amazon

I remember visiting my dad's office when I was a boy and seeing all of the drafting desks and thinking that he and the other employees must be tired from standing up all the time. Spoiler, they also had high stools for when they wanted to rest. You know what? Those stools, or drafting chairs, were pretty comfy!

This Mesh Drafting Chair from Best Office is particularly nice because it offers not only the enhanced airflow that mesh chairs are known for, but it can also be lowered down to more average desk height. That means it is multifunctional and multipurpose! So if you're one of the scores of stand-up desk faithful, it's worth your while to pick up a drafting chair like this for those moments when you need a break.


  • Great resting spot for those with standing desks
  • Mesh back for ventilation
  • 360-degree foot support for better posture


  • Can't quite lower to standard desk height
  • Not a ton of seat padding
  • No upper back or neck support

Best drafting office chair under $100

Best Office Mesh Drafting Chair Reco Png

Best Office Mesh Drafting Chair

Is it drafty in here?

Whether raised or lowered down, this drafting chair offers a comfortable respite from that standing desk lifestyle.

Best cushioned office chair under $100: Furmax Mid Back Office Chair

Furmax Mid Back Office Chair LifestyleSource: Amazon

The Mid Back Office Chair from Furmax is probably what most people picture when thinking of an executive desk chair. While it does sport that high-end look, it thankfully doesn't carry an executive price tag.

What I like most about this chair is just how plush and comfy it looks. I can imagine collapsing into this luxurious chair and reading over reports or chatting with a colleague or client on the phone. The chair has an adjustable tilt control, and it can fit under any standard office desk. The chair is not too heavy, and its sturdy rolling wheels make it easy to move from desk to desk.


  • Plush seating experience
  • Elegant styling
  • Stable while upright or reclined


  • Doesn't have upper back or neck support
  • Not very breathable

Best cushioned office chair under $100

Furmax Mid Back Office Task Chair

Furmax Mid Back Office Chair

Plush postieror

A chair with the look, feel, and styling demanded by an executive for a price affordable to a drone.

Bottom line

Let's face it, most of us need to work, and for many of us, that work requires sitting down for extended periods. Not all of us can afford to splurge on office furniture, but we still want to find a chair that's supportive, stylish, and durable. With many of us now working from home, it's more important than ever to get the right choice. Out of all the best office chairs under $100 that I looked at, my favorite was the VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair. To me, it offers the perfect balance of cushioning, comfort and flexibility.

If sitting on a boisterous gaming chair all day isn't your thing, there are other great options on this list, from the affordable to the premium (looking) to the flexible. Don't let your budget be the limiting factor when searching for an office chair. The only thing holding you back here is your imagination! However, if you have a bit more scratch to spend, you can spend up to $200 or beyond on office chairs.

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