Best Nexus 6P cases

Picking out a Nexus 6P case for day-to-day use can be challenging. The case needs to be durable and protective enough for your liking without being too thin or overly bulky, the design and colors should speak to your sense of style, and the case's individual, specific features should jump out at you and draw you in.

As you hunt for the perfect Nexus 6P case, here are a couple of options to help you narrow down your list.

MoKo Halo Series

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Lightweight and minimalistic – yet protective – the MoKo Halo Series case for your Nexus 6P is a great option if you're looking for a basic looking, high-quality phone case.

The MoKo comes with cutouts for all ports and buttons, so you won't have to remove the case to adjust your volume or charge your Nexus 6P and risk dropping and shattering your screen. But if you do happen to drop your phone while in the MoKo case, a TPU shock-absorbent layer is designed to absorb the majority of the impact with minimal damage to your phone.

While the front portion of the MoKo is clear — including the raised bezel for edge and screen protection — the back of the case is a sleek, stylish matte black with an anti-slip feel to give your phone more security on surfaces and in your hand.

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Lizimandu pattern case

Definitely designed for more creative, colorful people, the Nexus 6P pattern case from Lizimandu is a bright and bold alternative to most plain phone cases out there today.

The Lizimandu case isn't particularly known for its overall protection, but the case is designed with a rubber bumper to protect your Nexus 6P from breaking. It also comes with a raised bezel, meaning your screen won't scratch if you lay it down on a flat surface.

The case is snug-fitting, so it won't slide off easily, and is secured with a hyper-vibrant patterned TPU shell. This particular Lizimandu design comes in eight different styles, including an Africa style, blue flower, colorful puzzle, green fragment, marble black, marble white, mystic compass, and white flower.

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Nexus 6P Folio

Nexus 6P Folio Case

Available directly from the Google Store, the Nexus 6P Folio offers a stylish and functional option for your Nexus 6P protected. Available in Carbon or Amber, this case features a polycarbonate shell with leather exterior inlay and flap.

Not only will the front flap keep your Nexus 6P screen protected, simply opening the Folio will wake the screen. Close it and the Nexus 6P screen will go to sleep, ensuring you don't waste valuable battery life when you're not looking at your phone. This should help save your battery life as well as make life more convenient. The shell features a raised bezel around the screen for an added layer of drop protection along with large cutouts around all the buttons and ports to help with accessibility.

Also see the regular Nexus 6P case if you're looking for an official, non-folio case that is also of very high quality. It is increasingly difficult to find, however.

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Suensan Leather Elegance cover

If you're looking for a classic, elegant, high-quality case for your Nexus 6P, then the Suensan Leather Elegance cover is a timeless option to consider.

The outside of the leather case is made from a smooth, thin leather, while the inside lining is soft and gentle to keep your screen free of scratches. With Suensan's design, the case has openings for all ports and buttons, so you won't have to remove your Nexus 6P from its case to charge your phone and run the risk of knocking it off a counter and breaking it.

While the Suensan is a beautiful case for your Nexus 6P, it isn't the most durable, but the case will give you minimal protection in the event of slight drops. On a more stylish note, the case comes in rich brown, black, or deep red leather.

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Speck CandyShell Grip

Another great case from a proven accessory manufacturer.

The Speck CandyShell has been military-grade drop tested, so it's not only a neat looking case, it's also pretty durable. A hard outer shell and rubber stripes across the case protect it from high, perilous falls, while a raised bezel prevents scratches from appearing on your screen if you lay it down flat.

The case only comes in two different color combinations, including black and white/black, making it a minimalist, fashionable Nexus 6P accessory.

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What's your go-to Nexus 6P case?

What's the best Nexus 6P case in your honest opinion? We'd love to hear it!

Let us know in the comments below which case your Nexus 6P can't live without.

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • What's the case pictured in the header?
  • It's the official Nexus 6P "carpet" case. The link is under the Folio entry. It's not included as a main one because it's becoming a bit difficult to find.
  • Is it? Both colors are in stock at the Google Store.
  • I'm not happy with it, especially for the price. I don't use it anymore. But its a very personal thing.
  • Ah, sorry to hear that. I'm just not willing to pay $35 for a non-rugged phone case. If I needed an Otterbox Defender or a LifeProof, that'd be one thing, but I don't need that much protection, and there are tons of attractive cases that will protect against scrapes and minor drops just fine for $20 and under. I have a Spigen Rugged Armor case (not actually rugged; just a TPU shell) on my 6P, and it's great. I think I paid $15 for it back in January, and it's even cheaper now.
  • it looks nice but its near impossible to take a screen shot while its on.
  • Screen shot can be captured by long pressing the home button and hitting the share button .
  • What if u don't actually share it? What happens to it?
  • Nothing happens. Just by clicking that share icon takes a screenshot. No sharing required!
  • Huh, I did not know that. Thanks, that's useful!
  • Just a word of caution. The official Nexus case in the picture has damaged my phone! The rubber under the edge of the lip around the screen is quite sharp. It's damaged the seal/gasket around the screen. Google won't admit to this issue and will not repair phone or issue refund. I've seen others having similar priblems. Also you can't take screenshots.
  • I haven't experienced that on either of the two nexus 6p I have owned. Ad for screen shots your absolutely can with this case on, it just takes a tad more exact with your button presses.
  • Same here! Have two 6Ps and only the one with the official Adopted case has that thin plastic gasket peeling from between the frame and the glass. Also, the rubber on the inside of my case's power button was slightly off. So, pressing the case's power button caused it to put a dent in the frame just next to actual power button. This completely screwed the frame and caused the power button to become stuck when pressed! With the 6P's metal being so thin, I cannot recommend ANY of the Adopted brand cases. Rocking the Speck and a Unicorn Beetle now.
  • Daeeem.!! I was about to finally jump on one of the carpet cases reading this article but after the horror stories nevermind.
  • Adopted Frost case, Carved Skateboard, Live View Case and a clear one with metallic band around the outside, Spigen I think.
  • So these ad articles that are flooding AC now and more than ever.... Is this the new "quality over quantity" you talked about in your editorial on Sunday, Daniel? It seems like the exact opposite.
  • I'm looking at the front page right now and I'm satisfied with the content. Your question over quality over quantity is a valid one but you are picking fights on the wrong articles and this one need not apply. And what do you mean more than ever how long have you been a member here? EDIT: except the 5 dollar speaker one that says it's 5 dollars but isn't 5 dollars.
  • I've been visiting and participating in AC since the first week it was born. What does that have to do with anything?
  • It means that this shouldn't be new to you. Also read my comment
  • Good point. It has rapidly become an faux article/ad-centric site, over the last 1.5 years especially. As have many others over the last few years. Part of that is a direct result of losing ad revenue, due to ad-blockers. That doesn't mean it's a good thing for its reader reader base. Not that this is the proper place for this convo... but I'm obviously saddened by the departure of Phil...and I really thought after reading Daniel's editorial, that maybe, just maybe the site was going to truly go for a "quality over quantity" approach, as Daniel said. That just doesn't seem to be the case. It concerns this old Crackberry convert ;)
  • Wait...Phil left?!? I've also been coming here since it's infancy. IMO it USED to be the go to place. Now it's actually kinda sad with all the random crap they post
  • I disagree. AC has been hitting out of the park the past few days with the No More Nexus story, unboxings and initial impressions and even this article. I have a 6p and cases for this phone are a bit of a bummer. AC has pissed me off here and there the past few weeks, but not this one. Feels like the old AC I've read and loved for the past 6 years.
  • I agree sure June and July were crap but this is much better
  • No mention of Google's new custom cases, where you can add a picture or a maps location? My friend has one and it's a really nice case (it'll survive at least one drop)
  • Spigen ultra slim for me
  • exactly
  • Same! Great case.
  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid Air Cushion for me...
  • I was just looking at this case and the slim today.
    How slippery is the Ultra Hybrid? The clear hard shells concern me when they're just as slippery as the naked phone. (even though protected more)
  • I think for the money, Spigen makes the best cases you can get for Nexus phones. I do really miss the OtterBox commuter series, though; I don't think they've made cases for Nexus phones since the GNex.
  • I just picked up the Spigen ultra slim shell for mine. I prefer a minimal case on my phone, but carry it in my PDair heavy leather hip holster. I do have a leather case of the same design inbound from China that I like. I'm pretty safe with my phones and don't suffer from fumbleitist, use my phone in the rain, or take it to the beach so I can get by with cases that don't take away from the phone's good looks but enhances it.
  • I've been rocking the Ringke Fusion clear case for nearly a year. I also have an even thinner clear case, but it's a PITA to put on or remove.
  • I mostly just use a back skin, but for the few times I need to put on a case, it tends to be the Speck CandyShell Grip.
  • Verus:
  • I've been a fan of the IMAK cases, currently rocking the Cowboy case. It has a sandstone finish and is really grippy.
  • The Spigen Rugged Armor case has been working great for me. Good protection while not being too thick, great fit and good looking (IMHO).
  • Diztronic all the way
  • I've been using the rhinoshield bumper for months. Very minimal with excellent protection.
  • It doesn't look like it's worth 20 bucks though.. Or am I wrong? Idk..
  • Spigen forever. I'm surprised that it's not on the list but some flower art one is.
  • I was suspicious about that my self. Apparently this is a 'native ad'. Lame.
  • For me the more important function of a case is how it makes the slippery phone easier and more secure to hold in your hand. Drop protection is fine, but hold security is more important.
  • Rhino shield crash guard bumper and a dbrand skin
  • This . . . RhinoShield CrashGuard by Evolutive Labs with Dbrand skin
  • Verus & Supcase unicorn beetle are both good cases too. My 2 favorites
  • Take a look at the cases from as well. Just got one and it feels great and has solid protection. Plus, it's always nice to buy from a small business!
  • "While the front portion of the MoKo is clear — including the raised bezel for edge and screen protection — the back of the case is a sleek, stylish matte black with an anti-slip feel to give your phone more security on surfaces and in your hand." Huh?? Dude, this case is completely clear. What are you talking about??
  • Love my fosmon plain black case
  • Verus Heavy Duty for Nexus 6P is great!
  • Supcase........
  • Got the 6P as soon as it dropped.. Only case @ the time was a Spigen.. Well that was clear n good quality anyways.. but I'm going to ck out that first one looks like a decent clear case.
  • My favorite so far of the 6 out so I've used the Spigen Nexus 6P Case Rugged Armor has been the one u back to each time.
  • Incipio makes a great case for the Nexus 6P. Super thin two layer protection.
  • What he just said! Dual Pro. Feels like a thick tpu. Screenshots a breeze.
  • I don't have a Nexus 6P I have a 6. But I haven't used a case for my phone's for over 3 years now. I always find them too bulky. I've been lucky I guess, because I've never had a screen break or any other kind of damage.
  • Supcase Unicorn Beetle case on my 6P since day one, 9 months now. Used this case for 2 years on my last phone. For someone that needs the toughest possible case in the slimmest profile possible this is the one. It has protected my phone on many outdoor adventures & at work where I do not sit at a desk.
  • Me I'm rocking the Nexus "Carpet" case (As per the picture in the story title) I love it. Its all I'm using at the moment.
    Really high quality and feels great!
  • Some fairly good looking cases.
  • Bought the moko.. Love it , only $7 on Amazon.. clear
  • Actually i bought a 6$ case on Ali Express sturdy and well built!
  • Cases and screen protectors are the Emperor's New Clothes of phones. Next to zero protection if you drop them. A license to print money. I mean, look at the top rated one? Another thin piece of plastic around the edge. Whoopy do. People are so easily taken in.
  • Your comment was so dumb I had to respond. I have had many android phones including the original G1. Every phone that I have had that did not have some kind of bumper or case eventually had a shattered screen including my current Nexus 5 which I am probably going to swap for a 6p pretty soon here. Most of the ones I used with cases or bumper guards lasted for a very, very long time and took an incredible amount of abuse. Some protection is way better than none and a lot of impacts occur on the corners where they hit first. Do you want your no bezel glass screen to take the brunt of the impact or a nice thick piece of rubber? The raised edges do a good job of protecting the screen from scratches and impact when they bounce and land face down too. This isn't exactly rocket science here. Even the thin rubber guards I have used on a few phones have certainly saved them from several mishaps and I drop phones pretty often.
  • Diztronic matte black TPU case as I prefer a slim fit and good grip.