Best Heavy Duty Cases for the HTC 10

Heavy duty cases are not typically the most stylish accessories out there, but they're big, bulky, and sturdy by design for one purpose: keeping your phone as safe as possible.

If you're worried about damaging your HTC 10 from an accidental drop, you may want to pick up one of these...

Supcase Beetle Pro Series

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The Supcase Beetle Pro series has everything you need to be protected. It has a hard polycarbonate shell that protects all sides and edges of the phone from scrapes; a built-in removable screen protector to prevent scratches on your screen; and dust covers for your phone's ports to keep out dust and pocket lint.

The case also comes with a detachable clip on the back, which is perfect if you're the type of person who needs quick access to their phone throughout the day, or simply likes the holstered phone look.

It comes in two colors, black or blue, but the blue case will cost you slightly more. You can find the Supcase Beetle Pro for around $18.

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Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen's Slim Armor is the perfect balance between protection and style. Your HTC 10 slides into a silicone sleeve, which is then secured with a hard polycarbonate shell. Together, the two-piece case gives your phone the ability to come survive a big tumble with no significant damage.

The Slim Armor holds up to its name by not adding a lot of bulk or weight to the phone. Don't kid yourself, you will notice it, but unlike some other heavy duty cases it won't feel like you're holding a brick

The added feature of a metal kickstand lets you watch your favorite content in landscape mode hands-free. We'll just call that icing on the cake.

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i-Blason Prime

The i-Blason Prime starts around $14 and offers excellent protection for everyday phone users.

It's composed of two different pieces, a flexible TPU plastic sleeve which will protect it from the shock when it first hits the ground, and a hard polycarbonate shell for added protection. The headphone jack and charging port are kept covered by a plastic flap to prevent dust from getting in when they are not in use.

It also has a few extra goodies to sweeten the deal. The detachable clip on the back of the case will allow you to holster your HTC 10 to your waist easily whenever you want, and it also has a built-in kickstand that gives you the ability to watch YouTube or any other content hands-free.

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Cimo shockproof

The Cimo shockproof case is perfect for people who want to make sure slippery hands never get the best of them.

It's a one-piece case that is both a mix of hard polycarbonate and silicone, meaning it's protected from almost anything you can throw at it. The back of the case is incredibly textured; it isn't slippery at all, and it's thick enough around the camera to protect the lens from scratches.

It's available some bright funky colors — like pink and purple — in case you want to make a statement. Plus the Cimo shockproof case is about $8, making the cheapest heavy duty case option on this list.

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Kaesar Slim Fit Protector

Starting around $10, the Kaesar Slim Fit Protector is a two piece case that offers great protection without adding a ton of bulk and weight to your HTC 10.

With an interior TPU sleeve that protects your phone from the shock of dropping it on the ground and a hard polycarbonate shell that prevents the back and the side of the phone from getting scratched up, the Kaesar case should keep your phone looking great!

The brushed metal finished on the back of the case not only looks cool, but minimizes scratches from showing on the case itself to ensure your phone always looking in mint condition!

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What do you use?

How have you been protecting your HTC 10? Let us know in the comments below!

Luke Filipowicz