Best Gamepads to Use with PS4 Remote Play on iOS Android Central 2021

There's only a handful of good iOS gamepads on the market and fewer that work well with Remote Play. And with DualShock 4 not getting support for iOS until this fall with the release of iOS 13, the basic PS4 controller doesn't make the cut... yet. But perhaps you'll try one of these iOS-friendly gamepads and won't want to switch back even after the Apple update. Here are the best iOS controllers which are also Remote Play compatible.

Quick Press Pressure: SteelSeries Nimbus

The SteelSeries Nimbus is the most like a traditional DualShock 4 controller in button layout but still designed for Apple. The buttons have a softer touch to them, needing less pressure to click if you prefer a quicker feel. It offers a healthy 40 hours of battery life while gaming so long game sessions will not be an issue.

$40 at Amazon

Ergonomic Comfort: Horipad Ultimate

With its rounded grips, the Horipad offers the best ergonomic design of this group. And if you enjoy buttons that take a touch more pressure so you can feel them working, this is a good option. It claims an 80-hour battery life which I've yet to test, anything over 30 hours is more than most will ever need and it certainly meets that.

$50 at Apple

L3 + R3: Rotor Riot Mobile Gamepad

Rotor Riot currently appears to be the only gamepad that offers L3 and R3 function in most games. It does not work in Fortnite so far. And with an attachable phone mount right in the box, you can easily play on your phone as you go or remove the mount to play on a larger iOS device. The buttons are responsive, and it works great with Remote Play.

$50 at Amazon

Device Specific: iPhone Vice

This version of GameVice is compatible with iPhone X, XS, XS Max, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 6, 6 Plus. There are larger versions of GameVice that can attach to iPads, but they can be unwieldy. These smaller grips fit nicely in the palm of your hand. They do run off your phone's power, so be sure you charge up first.

$75 at GameVice

The select few

In a short few months, DualShock 4 will be added to the list after the release of iOS 13 this fall. If you happen to love the standard PS4 controller and can wait, that's great. But for the many more who I know don't particularly enjoy the feel of the DualShock 4, Hori and SteelSeries have been the top two names on the market for iOS gamepads. They are both great options and are surprisingly similar despite the distinct difference in looks. If you are set on getting one of them, here is a nice guide to help you make your choice.

The Rotor Riot has quickly made a name for itself as being the first iOS-compatible gamepad to support L3 and R3 function. They made the promise of getting the thumbsticks to work as buttons about two years ago, and earlier this year it came to be. This, along with an included phone mount, makes it a great option as well. Just be warned, the Rotor Riot has no battery so the controller must be plugged into your device. It uses a lightning cable if you happen to have a newer device that uses USB Type-C you will need a converter.

Find your perfect gamepad, it won't be the same for everyone, and enjoy your time playing!

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