Best entertainment stands for PS5 in 2024

The next generation of consoles is here, and this time it might take some redecorating with the best entertainment center for PS5 to make sure it all fits together. With consoles feeling the need to continue improving graphics, speeds, and features to keep up with PC growth, it only makes sense that they also grow physically to fit the components. The PS5 measures 15.4-by-10.2-by-4.1 inches, which is huge compared to the PS4 Pro. So, let's prepare accordingly with these entertainment stands for the PS5.

The best entertainment stands for PS5

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Happy homes for your PS5

In my search for the best TV stands, media consoles, and entertainment centers (whichever you prefer to call it) for your PS5, one thing has become apparent: there are by far more options for housing the PS5 horizontally. Rounding up to 16 inches, most vertical shelves will be a tight fit for the PS5's height.

The Monarch Specialties TV Stand gives you room to choose how and where you want to keep your PS5. It lands n the middle of the field for a price, which makes it a great value, but the unique spiral shape of its shelves won't fit every home. The Walker Edison Furniture Company Minimal Farmhouse Wood Stand gives you a classic design that will look good in any space and has several color options.

Any one of these stands will make a pleasant home for your new PS5, but if you go with a different option, always make sure you're checking the interior measurements of the unit. Nothing is worse than building furniture only to find you are half an inch off. It's also worth considering size when picking out a home for your new PS5 to get one that will show off, or hide, your best PS5 accessories.

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