Best Christmas Gifts for PlayStation 4 Fans Android Central 2022

The holidays are upon us and Christmas is almost here. If you're still looking for the perfect gift to get that PlayStation lover in your life, look no further. From accessories, games, to clothing these are some of the best gifts you can pick up.

Death Stranding PS4 box art

Making connections: Death Stranding

Staff Pick

This is a game that we've been waiting a while for, and it's as unique an experience as the trailers made it look. Death Stranding is leading the pack at the 2019 Game Awards for a reason. Jump into Hideo Kojima's creation and reconnect a shattered world.

$60 at Amazon
Hori mini wired PS4 gamepad Sony

For children: Sony PS4 Mini Wired Gamepad

Children growing up with a PlayStation 4 aren't always capable of comfortably using a DualShock 4 controller because of their smaller hands. That's where the Sony Mini Wired Gamepad comes in.

$30 at Amazon
Render Dualshock 4 black

Fun for everyone: DualShock 4 controller

It's one of the most common accessories out there, but it might be nice to buy another if you know someone who constantly has friends over to game. After all, you can't play split-screen with only one controller.

$46 at Amazon
ASTRO Gaming C40 controller

A step above: ASTRO C40 TR Controller

This baby is expensive, but it certainly warrants a premium price tag. This one is for more competitive or serious gamers who want that extra advantage when playing by using its remappable multi-function buttons.

$200 at Amazon
PSVR bundle

Virtual reality heaven: PlayStation VR Bundle

Virtual Reality is getting better every year, and so are its games. Consider picking up a VR headset for a more untraditional gaming experience. This bundle comes with all you need to immerse yourself in VR.

$350 at BestBuy
PlayStation ugly christmas sweater render

Perfect for the holidays: PlayStation Ugly Christmas Sweater

What Christmas list would be complete without an ugly Christmas sweater? PlayStation sells the perfect one for any holiday parties you'll be attending this season.

$45 at Amazon
PS Plus 12 month gift card render

Membership benefits: PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription

Get the most out of your PlayStation console with a PlayStation Plus subscription, which gives members access to exclusive discounts, online multiplayer, cloud access, and a few free games each month.

$60 at Amazon
PlayStation Store Gift Card $25

Tried-and-true: PlayStation Store Gift Card

It's the thought that counts. This may feel as boring as giving money, but it goes a long way when you don't know exactly what to get. Just let them pick out whatever they want from the PlayStation Store with a gift card.

$10 to $100 at Amazon
Seagate 2TB external hard drive for PS4

Additional storage: Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive

Games are getting bigger than ever, meaning they also take up more storage than ever. If you know someone who's running out of room on their console and doesn't want to keep deleting games, pick up this 2TB external hard drive.

$117 at Amazon
God of War PS4 box art render

Norse mythology: God of War

God of War won Game of the Year at the 2018 Game Awards, and for good reason. It features an emotional and compelling story with equally interesting characters. Plus it's always fun quite literally destroying your enemies with the strength of a god.

$26 at Amazon
hyperx cloud stinger core headset PS4

Quality audio: HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Headset

Quality headsets can get expensive, but they certainly don't need to be. The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core provides great in-game audio and was specifically designed for PS4 consoles.

$25 at Amazon
PS4 wall mount

Space saving: PS4 Slim HIDEit Wall Mount

Buying a wall mount is the perfect way to save space on your shelf or media center. As an added bonus, it's even better at keeping the console cool than if it were shoved into a small cubby.

$20 at Amazon
A DualShock 4 charging stand from PowerA

Extra time: PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station

For someone who's constantly playing games and wants to have a backup controller, pick up this charging station. It charges two controllers at once for maximum efficiency.

$19 at Amazon
PDP cloud remote for PS4 render

Redesigned perfection: PDP Cloud Remote

PDP's Cloud Remote for PS4 is quite possibly the best media remote you can get if your DualShock 4 just doesn't cut it. Its Cloud-assisted technology makes it easily programmable and its redesigned look modernizes it for today's market.

$20 at Amazon
Gamers Digital mini bluetooth chatpad for PS4

Always texting: Gamers Digital Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Chatpad for PS4

If you know someone who's constantly searching for games and movies or typing away on the PS4's digital keyboard, pick up a chat pad for them. This physical keyboard connects directly to a controller and makes typing a whole lot easier.

$19 at Amazon

Enjoy the gift of giving

Death Stranding is a new game that only came out in November. but it's absolutely worth picking up for the Playstation fan in your life. It's a unique experience with a powerful story. However, if you aren't sure which games the player in your life already has, you can never go wrong with a PlayStation Gift Card.

And if you're looking for something a bit different, avid gamers always need decent external hard drives like what Seagate provides. No game fan will ever complain about extra hard drive space. Depending on your price range, some of these may be more appealing than others. The fact you are putting thought and effort into finding the right gift for the PlayStation 4 fan in your life will always mean the most.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Android Central!

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