The Moto X4 is a big departure from past Moto X devices, but that doesn't mean it's a bad phone. In fact, it's one of the best mid-range Android handsets on the market right now. It's the first entry in the Moto X series to feature a glass back, and while it looks downright gorgeous, this also makes the X4 rather fragile and easy to break. To ensure that doesn't happen and your phone continues to look as good as can, these are the cases we recommend checking out.

Looks good and offers great protection

Dretal Full-Body Protective

Dretal's Full-Body Protective case is made out of an anti-stretch TPU rubber material and keeps your Moto X4 protected from just about anything. A multi-texture design on the back adds some flair, you've got your choice of five different colors, and there's a 30-day warranty.

$7.98 at Amazon

Best clear case around

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen's case is made out of a durable and anti-slip TPU material, and in addition to keeping your phone nice and safe, it still manages to remain light as a feather. The unique dot pattern helps to keep fingerprints at bay, and for just under $13, you won't be out too much at all.

$12.99 at Amazon

Maximum protection

Mustaner Dual Layer

Mustaner's case features a two-layer design – including a soft TPU base layer and hard shell frame that goes on top of it. This combo allows for maximum safety no matter what happens to your Moto X4, and the built-in kickstand on the back is a really nice touch.

$7.99 at Amazon

Holster cases are cool again

Encased Slim Fit Holster Shell Combo

This case is made out of a reinforced polycarbonate frame, and as expected, offers ample protection against any accidental spills. You'll find a subtle texture on the back for increased grip, and along with a kickstand that can prop up your phone vertically or horizontally, Encased also includes a holster that your Moto X4 can slide into so you can easily attach it to your belt.

$13.46 at Amazon

Available in three flowery designs

Swoders Flower Case

A rubberized polycarbonate back combined with TPU bumper shields allows for maximum protection against any accidental drops, and the slim design makes it easy to carry with you no matter where you go. To make things even better, the three flowery designs add a lot of pop to the Moto X4's appearance.

$7.99 at Amazon

The slimmest case on our list

Anccer Colorful Series

This is the thinnest case on the list, measuring in at just 0.3mm, but even with the thin design, Anccer's case still manages to protect against drops, bumps, and shocks. It's available in black, blue, red, rose gold, gold, and silver and costs just about $11.

$10.99 at Amazon

Durable, stylish, and not too thick

KuGi Flexible Soft TPU

The TPU material that's present on this KuGi case does a fantastic job at housing your X4 in a secure home from just about any element imaginable. Non-slip sides allow you to always have a confident hold on your device, bumper guards protect against unwanted shock during a drop, and the faux-leather material on the back looks and feels like a million bucks.

$7.95 at Amazon

Our favorite wallet case

KwMobile Wallet

Available in black, black/brown, and grey/black, for about $11, the fabric design of the case is great for both looking and touching, and the plastic shell the X4 sits in offers ample protection against any mishaps. The front of the case is held together by magnets, and you have access to a three-card compartment for carrying around your most important plastic.

$10.40 at Amazon

Awesome protection on the cheap

Cimo Heavy Duty

Cimo uses a lightweight design here, and this allows your Moto X4 to stay safe and secure without adding much bulk. The two-layer design offers more than enough protection against most all drops, raised bezels help to protect the X4's screen, and the grippy back is something we always love to see.

$4.98 at Amazon

As you can clearly see, there are a lot of great cases that are available for the Moto X4. Whether you want something ultra-slim like the Anccer Colorful Series or a heavy-duty beast such as the Mustaner Dual Layer, there's a Moto X4 case on this list that's perfect for you.

Updated September 2018: These are still the best cases for your Moto X4!

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