Best cases for BlackBerry DTEK50

BlackBerry devotees are a mighty happy bunch right now, nabbing a DTEK50 for themselves and diving into all the Android goodness. The phone features a textured backing that offers more grip and much less slip, and a different overall look for a BlackBerry device. It still needs a case for extra protection and for keeping up appearances, though, and we've got your case hunt covered with some top-notch selections.

DTEK50 Smart Pocket

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BlackBerry DTEK50 Smart Pocket

The Smart Pocket is a unique cover that looks more like a custom-made accessory than a BlackBerry purchase. If you prefer a case that functions more like a sleeve, the Smart Pocket is for you.

The top opening of the pocket allows you to easily slide the DTEK50 into place but keeps it securely inside when you're on the go. It's excellent protection for the times when you're not using your phone, and allows you to show off the new hardware featured on the DTEK50 when you're using it, like the textured back. If you're in a hurry to take a call, you can do so without removing the pocket — a very convenient feature right there. And it's also convenient: you can access the USB port without removing the pocket.

The Smart Pocket is available in two color combinations: gray and tan (pictured here) or gray and black, each for about $25.

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DTEK50 Smart Flip Case

BlackBerry DTEK50 Smart Flip Case

Designed just for the DTEK50, the Smart Flip Case attaches securely to the back of the phone. The back surface is smooth and hard, protecting against bumps or accidental drops.

The textured front cover features a cut-out that shows all of your necessary notifications; you won't miss important messages and you'll always be able to see at a glance what your text, email, and call priorities are. The exterior is textured and the interior surface that rests on the screen is soft and aids in scratch prevention — perfect for the times you need to tuck the DTEK50 into a full backpack, briefcase, or purse.

You can take a call with the Smart Flip Case closed, or flip the cover all the way back and have full access to the whole screen. It's available in classic black for around $35.

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DTEK50 Hard Shell

BlackBerry DTEK50 Hard Shell case

If all you want is simple, straightforward protection, the DTEK50 Hard Shell is right up your alley. It's slim, sleek, and comes in basic black; no tough choices to make, no bells and whistles to take away from the look of the DTEK50.

It provides some extra corner protection (and you know it's usually the corners that suffer the most if you drop a phone) without looking bulky. You'll also gain some grip to help prevent those drops in the first place. More shell-style cases are bound to appear for the DTEK50 in the near future, but it'll be hard to beat the minimalist style already aced by BlackBerry.

For $25, the DTEK50 Hard Shell is a no-brainer purchase.

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DTEK50 Swivel Holster

BlackBerry DTEK50 Swivel Holster

BlackBerry has always made great holster cases, and their version for the DTEK50 is no different. This is the definitive BlackBerry case at its best.

The swivel clip allows you to adjust the holster to the position that's most convenient and comfortable for you. The magnetic clasp keeps your DTEK50 snuggly in place, whether you're rushing around from meeting to meeting or coaching the kids' soccer game. Available in black, the Swivel Holster has a classic look that never clashes with any color.

Keep your notifications private and your DTEK50 protected even while it charges, since you don't have to remove it from the holster to plug it in. It's a lot of convenience for only $35.

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AFLY BlackBerry DTEK50 wallet case

An inexpensive and very handy wallet case may be exactly what your new DTEK50 needs. You don't generally leave the house with either your phone or your wallet, so why not get a case that can do double duty?

AFLY's wallet case will hold your new DTEK50 in place and protect it against your daily grind. The front cover includes three spaces for cards, one of which is clear and perfect for your ID, as well as a separate pocket for a few bills. The genuine leather has a nice pebbled finish, and the case features cut-outs for the camera, speaker, and USB port. No need to remove the phone at all.

The AFLY wallet case folds nicely into a kickstand for hands-free talk or viewing, and comes in red, white, black, or blue for about $13.

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BELK crocodile leather flip wallet

For a slightly flashier look to accompany your DTEK50, try crocodile leather. The BELK crocodile leather flip wallet has that little extra bit of flair for an extremely reasonable price.

You can stick to basic black or white, but why not shake your style up a little more with purple, or the vibrant blue that's pictured here? Your DTEK50 will snap snuggly into place and the front cover features two credit card slots and a dedicated cash pocket. The magnetic closure adds an extra touch of safety and helps to turn the wallet into a kickstand when your hands aren't free.

For just over $10, this is a look you can't afford to pass up.

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IWIO holster flip case

It's tough to beat the convenience of a holster for your DTEK50; it's always right at your side so you never have to dig through bags or fuss with a pocket to take a call or check messages.

The IWIO holster flip case isn't just convenient, it's the most inexpensive case we've found so far that doesn't compromise on quality and color selection. Choose from black, blue, red, brown, carbon fibre black, gray, white, or the green that's pictured here. The top flap secures with a magnetic closure and the back of the holster features a vertical clip that will hold fabric of just about any thickness. Clip it to your bag if you don't feel like wearing it, or toss it in your bag and your DTEK50 will stay free of bumps, dirt, and other nasties.

For about $7 per case, grab a few colors and play the matching game with your bags and accessories.

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More to come?

The BlackBerry DTEK50 is still a new phone on the market, so more cases are bound to pop up in the coming weeks and months, and we'll be sure to keep you updated as we check them out. What's your case of choice for the DTEK50? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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