Best Bluetooth adapters for PS5 2024: Connect any wireless headphones

When it comes to dedicated PS5 headsets, most of them range anywhere from $100 to $300; they arguably justify the price with great 3D audio and low latency, but many people obviously can't afford that. A better option is to make your current wireless headphones PS5-compatible with a Bluetooth adapter so you can stay wireless.

Not all PS5 Bluetooth adapters are created equal, however. Finding one that works for both game audio and mic audio without noticeable lag can be a challenge, and some headphones — like those that use 2.4GHz instead of Bluetooth — won't work with certain adapters. You can just plug your headphones into your DualSense controller, but this will significantly reduce its battery life. So, if you can't stomach buying one of the top wireless PS5 headsets to sidestep this issue and really want to stick to your current wireless headphones, then rest assured: we've collected some of the best PS5 Bluetooth adapters available right now, focusing on what works best for the next generation of systems.

Stay connected with these Bluetooth adapters for your PS5

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What will you be picking up?

Most of the best PS5 Bluetooth adapters are (or were) also compatible with the PS4. Sony's Bluetooth compatibility, thankfully, didn't change all that much from one generation to the next, so the same adapters could transfer over.

Many of these dongles either only support audio or have difficulty working with both audio and your headphones' built-in mic. Thankfully, we'll remind you that the DualSense controller does have a built-in mic that you can rely on in a pinch, or else you can plug a dedicated mic into the controller. Whatever the case, you'll be able to enjoy the best PS5 games online if you prefer.

If you're specifically looking for an adapter to work with your AirPods — yes, this is an Android site, but we know what people like — make sure your adapter supports the SBC codec, which has higher latency than AptX LL but works in this case. Current picks like the Avantree, DRILI, Skull & Co., or 1Mii adapters support it.

Regardless of what Bluetooth adapter you choose, you'll likely be in good hands. With more and more PS5 accessories launching every day, you're bound to find the perfect Bluetooth adapter at some point.

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