Best Battery Cases for the Galaxy Note 8 Android Central 2021

Two years out, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still a great device that lets you get more done — as long as you don't run out of battery life. If you've found your Note 8 battery can't make it through a full day of use anymore, you might want to consider a battery case that will offer you a bit of a boost on the go.

Slim it down: ZeroLemon 5,500mAh SlimPower Battery Case

Best value

Sold on getting a ZeroLemon case but wish they offered something a little less bulky? You should get the ZeroLemon SlimPower case, a more pocket-friendly design that offers half the battery capacity — but at half the price, too — for those who value good design over pure battery power.

$35 at Amazon

Still the most expensive: Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case

Mophie is a brand that stands behind its battery cases and offers replacements if yours stops working properly. This is generally a good thing. However, I specifically know this because so many Amazon customer reviews for the Note 8 case describe having to get multiple replacements from Mophie. Still a great looking case, but not the best of the bunch.

$59 at Amazon

Modular battery case: Mophie Charge Force Case with Powerstation External Battery Pack

Another option from Mophie is the Charge Force Case, which features leather trim and an attractive, reinforced plastic body, but its secret can't be seen: it's magnetic. The battery pack charges the Note 8 through the same Qi wireless charging as a regular charging pad, and you're able to simply remove the battery pack from the back of your phone when you don't need it.

$50 at Amazon

Goldilocks battery case: RUNSY 6500mAh Battery Case

Even with a 6,500mAh battery, RUNSY somehow features a slimmer design than even the 5,000mAh SlimPower ZeroLemon case. It's also a very well-reviewed case on Amazon, which is nice to see from a manufacturer that we're not too familiar with.

$50 at Amazon

Protect and charge: PowerBear 4500mAh Battery Case

Finally, we'll recommend the PowerBear battery case for the Note 8. It features a 4,500mAh battery and a rather sleek design for a battery case. This case is backed by a two-year warranty and also comes with a screen protector, which is a nice bonus.

$20 at Amazon

Boost your Note 8's battery

As the Galaxy Note 8 continues to age you may start seeing your battery life deteriorate more and more over time. While a portable battery pack can help out in a pinch, a battery case lets you have that extra juice on hand whenever the need arises.

It's worth keeping in mind that battery cases are also sort of notorious for durability or connectivity issues, especially after particularly nasty drops. Fortunately, the brands on our list offer good customer service so if you have any issues with the performance or durability, don't hesitate to reach out. The ZeroLemon SlimPower is our top pick because it's a trusted brand that offers a decent battery boost without adding much bulk. Meanwhile, the PowerBear 4500mAh Battery Case is your best value pick and should be a reliable option that's backed by a two-year warranty.

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