Angry Birds is an incredibly popular multi-platform casual cartoon game franchise built by game development company Rovio, and is undeniably the most popular game from the company. The original game launched back in 2010 and saw hundreds of millions of downloads across Android and iOS, and has since branched out to numerous reboots with the Angry Birds name, including partnerships with other popular franchises like Star Wars. The games usually come in two flavors — a free, ad-supported version and an ad-free paid version with more content. Leaving the digital world, Rovio even launched a line of board games and toys based on the Angry Birds brand.

There are roughly 10 different spinoff games of the Angry Birds franchise, depending on how you count the ever-changing "Seasons" game that switches things up multiple times a year. No matter the branding, most versions of the Angry Birds games follow the same principle — you're putting various birds with different abilities in a giant slingshot and shooting them at structures defended by some mean pigs. Both "Bad Piggies" and "Angry Birds Go!" take on a different form from the originals, however, with new gameplay styles and characters.

While the mass popularity of Angry Birds as a game may have slowed down some in the last year, it's hard to deny the influence it has on the mobile gaming industry, showing how huge and profitable casual games on mobile devices can be. We're likely in for several more years of Angry Birds games being met with wild popularity going forward.