Marshmallow Easter Egg

With the arrival of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow system images for Nexus devices, we've got our first look at the new Easter Egg game for the latest version of the OS. Marshmallow continues the tradition of hiding fun stuff behind multiple taps of the Android version number under "Settings > About device", and this years is a refresh of Lollipop's ridiculously tricky Flappy Bird-style game.

You'll still rack up points by guiding colored bugdroids through walls, only this time with marshmallows blocking your path instead of Lollipops. And in an interesting twist, it's now possible to add up to six players to the fray, each controlling a different colored 'droid.

It's early days right now, so it's unclear if Google has hidden any more goodies in this year's Android Easter Egg. The only way to find out is to hit "Settings > About device" and tap your Android version a bunch of times. From there, tap and then long-press the "M" icon that appears to launch into the game. Good luck!