Some of my favorite Govee smart lights are up to 45% off during Prime Day!

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While to some, Govee may not be the first name you think of when it comes to smart lighting, but maybe it should. The company makes some of the best smart lights on the market and offers such a wide and unique range of devices to outfit your home. So, when we pair up a top smart lighting company with Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days, we end up with some amazing deals that can't be missed.

Aside from making smart lights that don't require any hub and still manage to be rock solid in connectivity, the lighting products themselves offer fantastic color saturation and brightness. I've rounded up deals on products I use and that are on sale right now, so you can enhance your home's lighting for less.

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1. Govee Envisual TV LED Backlight with Camera: $89.99

1. Govee Envisual TV LED Backlight with Camera: $89.99 $55.99 at Amazon

This is more than just a light strip on the back of your TV. The Govee Envisual TV LED Backlight with Camera integrates the LED light strip with a specialized camera that watches what happens on your TV and replicates it in light that shines on the wall behind the television. This experience adds a whole new dimension to anything you're watching.

2. Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights: $199.99

2. Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights: $199.99 $149.99 at Amazon

Yes, you read that right — Permanent Outdoor lights. I've had these on my home for nearly a year and show no sign of the lights coming loose or anything. Aside from all the fun lighting options in the Govee app to help your home standout year round, there are plenty of holiday themes also, and of course, you can choose solid colors, too. These smart lights mean you'll never have to hang lights again.

3. Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp: $99.99

3. Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp: $99.99 $59.99 at Amazon

Floor lamps generally all look the same and shine light up towards the ceiling. This Govee Floor Lamp doesn't check either of those boxes. Instead, it is designed to be placed in the corner of a room so that its light reflects on the wall, seemingly painting the room. Oh, and it looks really nice. The Govee app lets you customize the lamp in so many ways, making this a fantastic deal to spruce up your home.

4. Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit, with Light Bars and Monitor Back Light: $299.99

4. Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit, with Light Bars and Monitor Back Light: $299.99 $164.99 at Amazon

If you're into gaming, then you likely know all about RGB lighting. But this AI Gaming Sync Box from Govee isn't your typical LED light strip. It pairs the company's excellent RGBIC light strip for the back of your monitor with two light bars and an HDMI box to perfectly sync all of your gaming action into lighting for your room. This results in a wildly unmatched immersive gaming experience. At 45% off, you're setup needs this deal.

Though I've only listed four products here, There are plenty of other excellent Govee products getting some fantastic deals on Amazon. So don't miss out on some great ways to bring some new fun and convenience to your home's lighting.  

Once you've gotten all your smart lighting needs met, don't forget to check out the other great deals that we've thoughtfully rounded up just for you.

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