Vudu brings another entertainment choice to your Chromecast with the latest update

In early March we mentioned that the streaming video service Vudu was working to get Chromecast support baked into their Android app, and the recent update quietly did just that. Early reports and user reviews seem positive, and it looks like plenty of folks are enjoying the service through the Chromecast.

Google released the official Chromecast SDK in February, and we've seen plenty of entertainment applications take advantage of it. Streaming video and audio to the big screen is a great experience when it's easy to set up, and while the Chromecast isn't without its share of small bugs from time to time, the ease-of-use factor is pretty high.

If you're a Vudu user, you should have an update waiting in Google Play. If you're not a Vudu user, now would be a great time to check the service out — especially if you have a Chromecast.

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Vudu app updated with Chromecast support


I'm conflicted about this. Their app looks like their website and their app tvs/Blu-ray players. It's clunky and unresponsive. On the other hand, their apps across all devices and website are identical. There's something to be said for a consistent design.

The biggest news here is this is the first app that allows one to watch their ultraviolet library via the Chromecast.
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the only reason i Even considered downloading the app and setting it all up. I have acquired a fairly big Ultraviolet collection, so this is a welcome update to my app collection. I also heard its one of the best for video and audio quality with thats good.

the app kinda sucks though.

Yaaaay!! More Chromecast apps!!

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I totally forgot that I converted some of my movies to Vudu. I shall enjoy them again. UI needs major work.
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This is great for those of us with large Ultraviolet collections as we can finally enjoy them on our Chromecast. I really wish that the Play Store either: (1) supported Ultraviolet or (2) developed some sort of disc to digital solution similar to VUDU.

This is gonna suck for Amazon and their new set-top box. They must be really counting on all the Prime users (which means don't ever expect to see an Amazon Instant Video app for Android).

It's working pretty well. The video quality is fantastic and surround sound seems to be working (Like PS3 my receiver says "Multi Ch In" for this). The big problem I'm seeing is that some of my library only streams in SD via Chromecast even though I own the HDX version. I haven't seen an explanation for this yet.

They didn't give a good explanation in the forums. A Moderator said, "We're still working to make all content playable via Chromecast. Some of our content is currently only available in SD or is not yet available."

Thanks. I hadn't seen that post yet. At least the implication is that it might be temporary.

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It's mostly for renting/owning digital copies of movies and television shows. If you have an Ultra Violet collection, it works on Vudu. It's like Google Play Movies except with access Ultra Violet basically. You can also convert DVDs to Vudu HDX copies at a pretty reasonable rate.

Just tried it and had no issues. Really excited for this update. It played Monsters University without issue

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I got the app, but when I got to Chromcast is does NOT show up in the listings. (like Netflix, HBO On the Go)