TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio has long been one of our favorite Internet radio apps, and it just got a even better with the addition of live Barclays Premier League Games. What's more, they'll be available in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

For those who prefer football to futbol, more college football bowl games are being added this year, including the national title game. 

Hit the link above to get your download on. There's also a pro version available.

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bearballz72 says:

Go United!

MathewSK81 says:

Go Gunners!

arundc says:

Go Reds!

mechaphil says:



Glory, Glory, Red Devils!

my avatar is relevant!

heathroi says:

Whats changed? any english broadcast is still subject to area rights restrictions.

mechaphil says:

It's possible that this announcement means they've got the rights now.

mwara244 says:

You can still listen to the bowl games over the local radio network, usually am radio, in the local towns or college radio stations. I listen to the cardinals, Mizzou, Rams, all over the local radio stations and Mizzou radio.

mattym320 says:

Its about time!! So ive tried in the past to listen on bbc. will it now be allowed on that or is there another station I should look for? anyone? anyone?

Braun00 says:

Go Chelsea!