Yep. We know we've jumped the gun before in our announcement of a T-Mobile sanctioned Android 1.5 Cupcake rollout (and we were wrong) but this time, it looks pretty certain that Android 1.5 Cupcake is FINALLY officially hitting G1 users in the US.

We personally couldn't wait for T-Mobile to roll out to our G1, choosing to manually install it ourselves. Is anyone still waiting for Cupcake via T-Mobile? Let us know! (And let us hope that this is for real, for real!).

thanks everybody for letting us know!


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T-Mobile Finally Officially Rolling Out Android 1.5 Cupcake For G1 Users


Just got my update here in houston at 5am Yay! Way to wake up? Only thing is now I can't download ringtones from myxer anymore. Anyone with answers?

Got mine early AM in Boston :)

I haven't really had a chance to explore it but the on screen keyboard is what I've really been waiting for.

It's also great to be able to check boxes next to your email to delete a bunch at once!

Yeah, I kinda got my phone taken in school so its dead right now, but when i turned it on for 3 minutes it didn't have an update. So, as of now nothing for the columbus ohio area.

My phone started downloading something about 10 or 11 last night, not sure if it was cupcake, how will I know? the notification bar looks diffrent, but I am still not sure if it is cupcake, please help.


Dude you meed to check the orientation box ont the "sound and display" menu options from system settings. While your add it check the animation scheme too its pretty cool.

I live in Northern Fla...I just got Cupcake about 10 minutes ago. Fast download and install...took maybe five minutes. Camcorder is there...a new icon in the menu. It's not great...same blurry weirdness that the still shot cam has...but, it's video, and in a pinch, I'm glad I have the option now.

The on screen keyboard is not great, for me. I thought from the leaked info about this, it would orient itself if you turned the phone sideways (ala iphone)...but alas, it does not. In fact, I can't even get it to come up when the phone is sideways...but I'll keep playing with it.

Anyway...just to let someone know who actually IS rolling out!

You need to check box the orientation option for it to auto rotate, I read that somewhere, you need to go into your menus next to it there is also a check box for animated menus or something. It is not on by default.

I live in Salt Lake City Utah and i still have no update is it supposed to hit everybody today?

I am in Columbus, Ohio. My wife got her Cupcake at 4:40 this morning. Google's roll-out plan seems random seeing as though HAM is in Columbus and has not received the update yet.

C'mon, T-Mobile. Release your 3G network in Columbus!

Jacksonville,fl I had a friend receive his but I have yet to receive mine
Hurry up Tmobile I'm waiting and while your at it throw in the 3g

You need to go to system update and download it with a wi-fi connection and install it. Got it in Minneapolis today.

Chicago. My bother got the update around 8:15 am but I'm still waiting. From what I've already seen I must say its worth the wait.

you can get in chicago if you're connected to wi-fi. i just downloaded it. it took about 5 minutes.

Got mine last night around 6ish pm. I live in California in San Jose. I bought my G1 2nd hand and was worried that I wouldn't get the update. I talked to Tmobile support and was told that if the IEMI was registered with Tmobile the system I would get the update notification. I downloaded the ~28MB update using WiFi. After several reboots I was up and running and my existing data on the phone was not impacted as far as I can tell.

Got my cupcake yesterday morning at 5 AM. I'm in denver,co. Its pretty koo, no more lil android guy on the startup screen tho.

I went to my setting, and tryed to see if it was there to D/L, and sure nuff, it's D/LING now. Baltimore

Got it her in Louisville, still for starters you can finnaly view mms messages correctly as a full size picture without having to save it to you sim card. video is pretty awesome also. There is NO option, however for auto-rotate on the web. A few settings such as select text have been added(really cool). Also a find on page setting allows you to search within an opened web page. The app Steel does that with on screen keyboard though. Google Talk has been added, it's kinda cool. Thats about all i can find. Still waiting on turn-by-turn GPS! (And a laser gun would be cool too; just throwing that out there)!

Savannah, Ga checking in. I recieved mine around 3:30pm yesterday. G1 is officially the ish. Thanks CUPCAKE

Hey u in Savannah, u got yours. That aint right, im still waiting in the SAV and im going

I got mine really early. I woke up around 3 a.m. and i saw on my phone that I got the update. Hell of a way to wake up in the middle of the night. The soft keyboard is pretty bad ass. I like it. Then the camcorder is alright. I'm in houston and by the looks of all the comments were getting more luck than anyother cities. I can say that the phone does function way better than wat it usto before. One thing though is if you got Chomp SMS don't update it. I'm not liking the update for it. It sucks, well for me. But the regular sms work fine and I like it way better. The smilies are fun too. So yea all you houston people should be getting it soon.

i was hoping the update would go to those who preordered way back when last fall but no such luck. still waiting in pasadena, ca. tmobile needs to show us early G1 adopters some love.

I'm in Seattle. I actually downgraded to 1.0 last weekend because my old phone gave me fits and T-mo replaced it with a brand new one that had apparently been sitting on their shelf since last fall.

I'd be perfectly happy to upgrade to even 1.1 at this point since I now have no ability to buy Market apps or even access my previously paid-for apps. I'm chomping at the bit for the big Cupcake upgrade. I really hate this method of upgrading.

Okay so I had an issue with my g1, the sd card wasn't reading, so I ordered a new one. And it turns out that, today my new g1 came in and the old one got the update, so 2 questions.
1.) Did the sd mess up with anyone else before the update or was that just me?
2.) Is there anyway to get the update or does it just come?

Replies are appreciated. Thanks.

Here in Dallas Texas I have not received my update yet BOO HOO I even tried to go into a wifi network and try to force download but it says my phone is up to date and there is no update available. Bloody buggery bollocks! I want it NOW FEED ME CUPCAKE lolz

G1 user here bay area california only one of my friends that has a g1 got their update as far as manuually checking goes it didn't work for me so its hit or miss its looking like google doesn't have the ability to push out a massive update to thousands of phones. Any wways I'm going to call tmobile and see what they say.

I got mine yesterday earlllllyy im from Corpus Christi Tx. im probably like tha only one here that has gotten it that early. 3 of my other friends have g1's and hasnt gotten it yet or anything. check your update on your phone cause i didnt get a pop up. i went to about phone and systme update and i seen it. so you may have to look

Very happy G1 user in OKC, woke up this morning to update, I deleted open home and chomp, i got cupcake awesome!

I still haven't received cupcake in E. St. Louis. Il but my boy around the corner from got yesterday what's the deal with that T-mobile can I get some cupcakes!!!!!

5:21pm on seattle update notice for me :( tried 2 do manually and got a 503 server error. All I want is to record video of my 3mo old baby so I can send 2 friends and fam! Any ideas of when update will be pushed to seattle area?

I was waiting for my update since earlier this month. Finally I recieved it @ around 4:30 est time. Pretty cool but it makes the phone a little slow at 1st. It is not something that sticks, my son was on the phone and when he hung up I saw update. It is not a major sign you can miss it if you are not aware of the upgrade, like the worker for T-Mobile.

Got it after work in Orange County, CA. TGIF! Lots of fixes for little things that have been bugging (actual call times in the call log for example). My husband still does not have it on his phone, so sad...

No Cupcake here in PDX, OR. Is it just me or does it seem like the updates are coming in no particular order? is up with that? Someone in Vancouver, WA got theirs, thats just 2 miles from me, why don't I have it yet??...still waiting....

Nothing in st augustine, FL, where is it, where is it. T-Mobile needs to get up to date, where's the 3G network I'm paying for

I live in Kansas City, MO and I'm still waiting.... but 2 of my friends that live here got it today.

Here in SLC Got mine today at work after I got demoted because we were losing work HA HA great way to make my day!!! Love the update!!!!

I think I got mine last night, didn't even notice that is was updated (just got the phone monday) until I was talking to my friend who is not so patiently waiting for hers. I'm in LA, she's in "cowville", Missouri.

Question, how do you get the onscreen keyboard?

Port orchard, WA- wife got her update two days ago, I've checked system update and still nothing for me :( how does that work?

in so.california, waiting for update. i prefer not to do it manually and screw up the phone... please come!!!!

Near Seattle WA. Been checking my phone since May 22nd for updates off and on, finally today May 29th mid-day checked to see if there was any updates under the phone system updates and there it was! Seems I lost an app or two I was trying but don't miss them.

5AM update in San Antonio!!! Funny cause another g1 on my same account didn't get the upgrade, so naturally I am flaunting my white cupcake around!

I am sick of waiting for this dam* cupcake. I am going somewhere (att&t) and I don't want no cupcake anymore. Beer please !!!

Two of my co-workers have it.. I still don't. Still says my firmware is up to date at 1.1. I guess I'll give t-mobile a call. In ogden ut btw.

Just got mine in San Antonio,Tx at 4:30 am Saturday morning May 30th. This really rocks!

Queens Ny got cupcake i did a system update on my phone and it said system update check my girl phone on luck 5:50am

just woke up and mine was ready to install
great way to wake up and i love the 1.5 its great
central ohio by the way

t-mobie account established in florida. G1 purchased in oakland, ca. currently in boston. received cupcake update early morning may 30. main thing i noticed is the updated android startup throbber and the wallpaper visible in phone lock mode. onscreen keyboard works, but is kind of awkward in wide mode and space button is intermittent. video camera works. haven't turned on the screen animations, and waiting to see if battery life is better...

Yep my g1 takes forever to charge with this 1.5 update, plus I still don't have 3G in hickory, north carolina, if I only knew that they didn't have 3G to late now, good bye iphone but only have to wait two more years for the contract to end, oops.

Is it just me or does it take way longer for the phone to charge with this 1.5 update. Wat usto take me 3 hours to fully 100% charge my phone now it only charges about 30% in 3 hours. Now it takes forever to charge my phone and its frustrating.

does anyone know is this update is any different from the manually installed us update that androidcentral leaked about a week ago?

Got mine Friday night about 9:30 PM I'm in Columbus OH, now if we could only get 3G here that would be great, at least I finally have a working video recorder!!!!!

Just got my cupcake today!!! round noon time...Santa Clara California...My Boss and Girlfriend have not gotten theirs yet however

nothing in so cal, though it would be perfect if the update comes to me just as cleveland takes down orlando in game 6....

Hey. No update yet. I am in Atlanta, GA. If you live here and have it Gtalk me @ My sister got her update this morning @ 2am. We pre-ordered our phones at the same time.

Still nothing here in Boston as of 11:26 PM. Has anyone gotten it anywhere in MA yet? I feel like it knows I'm waiting for it and it's taunting ;(

Got mine this morning.... Gotta say its pretty nice. Having widgets is pretty damn cool. The improved UI is cool. Seems a bit slow sometimes, but overall its pretty nice. I just went through and deleted a bunch of apps i no longer need (chompsms, video player, quick calendar, etc). Too bad the rumor is the G1 won't be upgradable to Donut whenever that actually comes out.

in boise, idaho (but with a hawaii number). got my cupcake update this morning at 5am. it's pretty sweeeet.

As of may 31 2009 at 12:20 a.m. and 33secs 34 secs 35secs and etc.......... still no update urgh come on t-mobile just make it a manual download off of your website already gee wiz

For those of you who have gotten the update, how did it get to you? Like did you get a text saying you can update it, or did it just appear on the screen? Also, did it alert you with a ring tone or something? I want to know so I can take my phone off of silent mode =D.

Yeah my update when I got up this morning. I was the only one in the house who got it my other 3 sisters didn't. Its weird but cool for me :D

2:30am in oklahoma just got my update woo hoo took me a mintue to get the on screen keybroad figured out and now Ive got to get some sleep

Got it this morning in the northern Chicago suburbs. Woke up this morning and manually checked for updates and it downloaded. Installing right now. Woohoo!

I got the phone about a week after they were released, for whatever that's worth.

I'm in Columbus Ohio and I woke up about 9:30am Sunday may 31 and it was a cupcake on my nightstand about time my mouth been watering for cupcake and I got it...........Sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!

I'm here in New Haven, CT and I still didn't get my update.

Everybody I no who got the G1 got the update already
And those are the people who didn't even know about the cupcake at all.

I woke up at 6:30 happy nothin was there so I went baQ 2 sleep then woke up now
And nothin is there.

When is the last day they would be sendin the update out?

Just got it about half an hour ago (Brooklyn, NY) Actually got it while in Valley Stream, Long Island. On screen keyboard is pretty nice and responsive, especially with the choose-word feature it offers in text messaging (don't know if that feature is only for texting or for whenever you use the onscreen keyboard). Have yet to check much more. The web page scrolling seems more responsive and smoother as well. There are new zoom in/out buttons along with some new app. icon as well. Basically a few new prettier layouts to some of the phones features.

Yummy! I'm finally enjoying this delicious cupcake as of 830 this morning may 31st in el paso texas

Yeah, I think it does affect the OTA. I think your phone's IMEI has to be registered with T-Mobile to get the update. Hope that helps!

I am not registered on the T-Mobile network while at home I an "Roaming" On an IRN (Unicel) network, will that make a difference with the OTA?

Yeah, I think it does affect the OTA. I think your phone's IMEI has to be registered with T-Mobile to get the update. Hope that helps!

sunday 12:54 in canton michigan. woke up to the update this morning. only took about 10 mins to dl. everything is ok so far. no problems yet.

Camera is MUCH faster. The overall speed of the loading of web pages faster, the stereo bluetooth is great

Just got my update it is soooo fly. Everything from the on screen keyboard to the camcorder. Love it!!! Did not wait for the auto update. I downloaded it from the system update menu so if u don't have it try checking there. Columbia, s.c.

No update in Brooklyn yet. Been with T mobile for 7 years and pre-ordered the G1 on day one. I of course think they should have rolled it out on a loyalty or purchased ordered basis, but I'm biases.

I have no received the update and I'm not able to download from my phone. It doesn't let me for some reason... HELP!

Seattle, WA here, received my cupcake this morning!
I'm not sure when it actually came, I didn't see any sort of notification.

Go to settings and check About Phone- System Update

I just decided to check when I woke up and there it was!

The browser is definitely faster, and there are lots of tweaks to the UI.
I really like that the lock screen shows your background.
I personally don't like the animation/orientation settings, but they are definitely really neat to have the option of :)

All in all,
Cupcake is worth waiting for.

Got my update here in Lowell, Ma. I had to go to settings and check to system update. Checked at at 3:27 pm today and it was there.

Woke up at 8:30 this morning and got my update (probably gotten it earlier, was just sleeping.) here in San Diego, CA.

I may never use the flip keyboard again!
Love the widgets. Kind of liked the old software look better (really little things they changed like the look of the notification bar and menu, the look funny to me now)

but yeah, good stuff. Kind of felt like i was getting the phone all over again (started playing with it like I had first got it)

g1 <3

someone on another thread wrote that a tmobile rep said everyone should have it by the end of tomorrow. if thats legit then sweet but i get the feeling its gonna take longer than that, still nothing out in so cal.

10:15pm in Chicago on Sunday and still no update!!!
i feel so left out, i think im gonna drink myself 2 sleep tonite...

Plz somebody email me a web site to down load music.since my phone upgrade man nigga havnt been HELP!!!!!!

The new update is going in the right direction but the E mail program for either gmail or other email addresses you may want to add is still vastly inferior to the one that works great on iPod/iPhone. I like that now I can see what time my calls were actually made and received.The camera still takes awful photos. Though the onscreen shutter is nice. Still no options to adjust photo quality.The onscreen keyboard is long overdue.

wichita kansas, got mine before dawn on sunday.
the cupcake on screen keyboard takes over the chomp sms keyboard. very cool.

isnt there a way to landscape the onscreen keyboard without having to open the phone ??? any info would be awesome.

Yes, but you need to go to settings, display and click on orientation to have it update and landscape automatically

San Francisco - I got it this morning. I looked at the phone when I got up and nothing was there. I went to the SETTINGS-ABOUT-CHECK FOR UPDATES, and there it was. I got to hand it to T-Mobile, after about 15 minutes, my phone was working with the new updates while preserving EVERYTHING else. I am running "Open Home" and it seems to be working just fine.

The video and better camera are also a welcome treat. The biggest feature I am looking for is the Stereo Bluetooth. I have my headset recharging, I'll try it as soon as it's fully charged.

Great work to all that made it function so flawlessly.


i have a Denver number and live in Chicago.. and still haven't received the update yet.. the first update i installed on my own... and it is driving me crazy to wait for this update! hurry up and get here Cupcake!!

I'm in Atlanta and I just got my update a few hours the new interface and the touch screen keyboard. I had to call tombile to figure out how to work access the touchscreen keyboard, otherwise, it;s great!

I'm here in Lakeland FL and my wife and I are still waiting for the update. My sister got it on hers but she got her phone after both my wife and I did. When can we expect it?

Yupp just got my cupcake. When you get it a little pop up saying system update will occur. This is a all around better phone with cupcake. Btw I live in kingman arizona

Anyone know if we have to delete any programs to get the update? I'm in boston, my bandmate got the update, but me and another friend haven't.

how do you manually download it?
ive been waiting for my update. my friend got hers while i was sitting right next to her and i never got it

Still nothing in vegas. Wife was sittin on the sofa next to me and she got her update. Yesterday and so i looked at my g1 and still nothin.

wow, was about to give up and go back to my usmle studying and finally got it around 11 pm out her in pasadena, ca. cheers.

I'm still waiting for an update on mine. I live in Houston, TX. Anybody with some valuable info., hit me up please!! Thanks

Didn't realize it was there-
Found it by going to MENU- SETTINGS= about phone- system updates....and there it was! It just said Android Update 1.5-
Too bad all my personal ringtones were removed, luckily I don't have that many friends. lol

Nothing yet here in Boston MA. I keep checking "System Updates" just to get disappointed when I see "Your system is currently up to date" =(

I want cupcake LOL waiting and waiting in Portland OR
I always check my settings about phone also... still nothing =(

I Called T-Mobile on Sun. &+ the lady said that the Cupcake Updat has a dead line which is June 6th ( Sat. ) & i officially have 4 days until that deadline .. getting impatient .. help

G1 user at Houston and despretly looking all over the web searching for answers!
Why don't i get the update?

Well ill wait by the weekend and hopefully it'll happen.
Any help or answers?

didn't get the update yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they said everyone should get the update by early june. pshh... tsk tsk tsk google... im in seal beach, california by the way. here's my story. i got the update one day but i had a rooted phone. so i unrooted to get the update. but when i was done and updated to rc33, i went to system updates and it says my phone was up to date but it was still running firmware 1.1... can someone help? email me thanks

I received my update May 30 when I woke up. I saw the notification and I installed. However, not everyone gets the notification. My fiance and friend went through settings. So if ya have not received the update, go to Settings, About phone, System updates and it may be there and let me know if that works. Sometimes you may not get the notification and it's just sitting there in your updates waiting for you to install. Hope this helps :)

I received mine here in Dallas about 9:00am today. I like the keyboard and auto rotate feature but you have to activate the auto rotate feature via sound/display setting.

After all this waiting I finally got it this morning. I woke up to it in my settings, about phone, system updates. Once I saw the android 1.5 update there i waz very happy =)

Funny thing is last nite i told myself, "imma wake up tomorrow morning with the update there rdy for me to install." and guess wat it happened yeaboi...

Last words... the new firmware 1.5 update is amazing it really makes your phone a lot better and even more fun. Just like wen u first got the G1. Now we wait for "DONUT" =)

No update yet, Still waiting... Running RC30 just got the phone last Thursday. Had the phone in December I should of held on to it. But no update here yet... (Baltimore, MD)

Got the yummy cupcake Sunday morning in el paso texas.... its great..once of the best things I've noticed is my battery lasts about 1-2 hours more per day and when I charge it with the power off,even if the batter is on yellow or red, the battery gives me a complete 100% in charge in 15-30 minutes! Serious

This cupcake upgrade seems to have been the culprit - I could no longer get to work anymore - it gives the error message that it stopped working unexpectedly. Anybody else having this problem? Any fixes out there??

Thanks a lot cupcake.

Boca Raton Florida.. got my cupcake at 2am! My phone didn't tell me.. I just kept checking my about phone and it was finally there! Yay! I think I was starting to think that I was never gonna get a cupcake =(

this is how u get cupcake i didnt get a pop up. i went to settings, about phone and, system update and i seen it. so you may have to look

Hey im in philly and i just got cupcake today so all you whining on the 29th shut up lol i just got it like an hour ago.

Can anyone help me?
I got the cupcake up date a couple days ago, I'm in Oregon.
& tonight my phone was being really really slow, So I turned my phone off to restart it.
I went to go turn it back on and it wont, its on the start up page where it says "ANDROID" in flashing blue & white.
I have pulled the battery out a bunch of times & it still will not start it keeps doing the same thing, could some help me get it so I can get my phone to start?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have the upgrade its been about 3weeks. But since this upgrade came with a camcorder idk how to delete the videos.
Help pleaseee(: