Sprint Galaxy Tab update

Sprint's version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab -- all of one day old at this point -- has already gotten its first over-their-air update. MR0 DJ30 "will address the Microsoft Exchange IT Admin policy compliance and SMS Short Code messaging." It's a 6.2-megabyte download and takes just a few minutes to download. Installation, however, has failed for myself and at least one other person. Not a huge deal, unless you're counting on this fix, and we'd rather an update ... you know ... not fail. Thanks, Chuck!


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Sprint Galaxy Tab updated to address Exchage policy?


Well, I rebooted, and then killed all running apps. I tried the update again, and it failed. Sooooo. Like Phil said, if ya gonna update us, keep the word fail out of the equation lol.

I really want to try and embrace a 7" tablet that costs as much as a 10" iPad but I just can't...maybe I need to go to my local Sprint store and play with one...

Well, now when checking for the firmware it says there isn't one available. So it either installed, or they pulled it. one of the two. VMdoug, I had an iPad. I much prefer the size of the Galaxy Tablet. Much easier to type on.

Just saw the AT&T version at bestbuy and it was really nice and lite compared to the Ipad. There was only one problem it wouldn't go into landscape with the exception of the browser. Other than that nice device but I will wait until after CES, don't really need a tablet.