If you're a fan of awesome graphics, easy but challenging gameplay — and most of all just a good fun app — you've got to try Smash Hit. The idea is that you have a number of balls with which you'll hit objects in a sort of first-person shooter style. Physics are very much in effect here, and keep in mind that you've got a limited amount of ammo.

But hit a crystal and you get extra balls. Hit 10 (or more) crystals in a row and you'll get multiball, making things much easier. Crash into an obstacle and you lose 10 balls.

As the game progresses, crystals won't be quite so obvious, you have new obstacles to overcome, and overall gameplay begins to speed up. Be sure to turn up your speakers, too, as the music is synced to the gameplay and changes as you progress through the 50 rooms.

Smash Hit ties into Google Play Games (as any good game should). The game's completely playable in its free form, but a $1.99 in-app purchase adds the ability to restart from checkpoints, and provides cloud saves and statistics.

Absolutely give Smash Hit a try.

h/t to Eric Richardson for this one!


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Smash Hit — Stop what you're doing and try this game!


I still cannot stop playing Jetpack Joyride and Ski Safari. Stop suggesting things!

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Flappy birds?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

To be fair, i think Phil suggested strapping Flappy Bird to a rocket and launching it into the sun

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Well you don't like Flappy Bird so you obviously can't be trusted.

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Whoa after playing a few rounds, I bought it. Instantly you can be hook. My distance so far is 1600.....

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Surprisingly addictive

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You sure about that? I just checked. Other titles from them are Granny Smith, Sprinkle, Sprinkle Island and Sprinkle Jr. I just tested all of them and I was like "meh, whatever"

Absolutely! I think Sprinkle and Granny Smith are fantastic games. I haven't played Sprinkle Jr. so I can't comment on that one but overall I think they create well crafted and fun games.

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Agreed. Sprinkle is good, Granny Smith is pure gold. Although the first couple of areas in granny Smith are simple, the later stages get pretty demanding.


I'll wait for it to hit my favorite price .99 :-)

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I'm hooked! Thanks Phil! :-)

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Wow! After playing for a while, I went ahead and bought the pro version.

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Cool and fun and can be easily put down, in a good way. Just what I was in the market for. Thanks Phil!

Great game playing it a lot and bought it but stuck now can't get to check point 6 damn you android central and suggesting addicting games

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Awesome game! Between this and Clash of Clans, my free time is nil. I have no complaints!

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