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Samsung has finally pushed the green light on rolling out its own operating system, Tizen on its Android-based smartwatches. An update for the original Galaxy Gear is currently under way, which will bring hardware over to Tizen from Android. While consumers won't notice any substantial visual alterations, a fair few under-the-hood improvements are included in the switch.

The improvements offered by Tizen over Android include extended battery life, enhanced performance, as well as new features like a standalone music player (with the ability to locally store music on the watch), customizable shortcuts, voice commands and more. Essentially, Samsung is bumping its older smartwatch to match functionality offered by the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

To update your original Gear, you'll need to run the process through Kies or fetch the file and upgrade manually.

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Samsung switches the Galaxy Gear from Android to Tizen


They can put Tizen on watches because Google doesn't have a play store full of useful apps that run on many watches. That store is unlikely ever to exist, and as long as it works with Android it is not a big deal. Phones however are devices from which people expect access to lots of apps. Samsung wouldn't be stupid enough to get rid of Google Play and lose access to those apps it has no way to replace. So no, not the galaxy s6 or 7, nor the note 4 or 5. Maybe on some very cheap phones for developing countries.

My prediction for at least 5 years Tizen will be limited to wearables and appliances, not flagship phones.

I can understand and agree with you sentiment there, but I do think that they might, within the next few years, put out a Galaxy high end phone with Tizen in a market (india, China, Korea) to see how well it goes. Kinda like a test baloon

They do release phones with their own OS from time to time. Though, I think that's mostly to create a small delevoper's platform to push the OS further. They use Tizen mainly as a platform to develop hardware and software features on other platforms, like Android. The repetitive FUD that Samsung would kill their own Galaxy brand just to have their own operating system on their phones is just plain stupid.

they wont kill off the galaxy... yet. THey will trojan horse it. Put out another flagship phone based on whatever galaxy device is out at the time and sell both. But you are kidding yourself if you think that samsung ultimate goal isnt anything but to ditch android as soon as its financially possible. that has come out of multiple execs mouths.

Finally someone who makes sense... Even most of the android central editors are clueless when discussing about this topic. Bravo!!!

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So this means that those that got it to work with the nexus 5 will no longer be able to use it on the nexus 5. If Samsung opened up these watches to any watch they would sell these like crazy. Oh well.

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According to Forbes, there were over 3.1 million smart watches shipped in 2013. Samsung shipped about 800,000 of those. The total market is estimated at $700,000,000. 30% of that is about $210,000,000. Not a bad start.

And that's last years data. They seem to be doing even better with the new Gear devices. We'll have to see if they can continue to compete as the market is expected to grow to about $2.4b this year.

Ok, let's see them continue this trend after google wear watches start coming out. Another reason they are at that level is because sony isn't advertising their watch. And also 70% of the current smartwatch market isn't that much.

I've seen Sony advertise them frequently over here in Europe at least. Though I agree, they don't give an impression that they're committed to the idea of smart watches. And as most other things from Sony, the first generation of their watch really was so bad it scared people away. Much like the Xperia Z line.

Yea, I actually like the Sony sw2. It's waterproof and battery isn't bad. I just don't want to pay anymore than $100 for any smartwatch right now. Although if the Samsung watches were compatible with my nexus 5 I would probably pony up around $150. It's too bad. Most of my friends said they would buy a Samsung watch but don't because of incompatibility issues. Instead of 70% of the market they would have more. Oh well. Looking forward to the moto 360 or the Sony sw2 to go down in price.

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I saw that. I'm just a little wary of the quality from cow boom. But at least prices are going down.

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Makes sense really, full on android runs badly enough on low end phones, let alone a watch with even less power and a tiny battery. Would I want Tizen on a phone though? Nope.

It's open but the hardware that is galaxy gear is blocked. Plus it's only open to developers apps not to work with any phone.

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Tizen is open source, right? What's to keep me from running it on whatever I want?
Edit: Oh, you're talking about the HW. I was talking about SW.

Tizen Linux is no less less open than Android Linux or Ubuntu Phone Linux or FirefoxOS Linux.

I think this is good news for anyone using a gear or gear 2 (neo). App developers now only have one platform for their app to reach all Gear users. I like my neo. It functions very well and was an immediate upgrade over the pebble- as long as you use Samsung phones. Definitely not a watch line for everyone, but I like it.

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Is this Samsung setting a precedence? It is it simply them keeping the OS on their smart watches consistent?

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It's mostly because Android isn't ripe for the hardware yet. Furthermore, since Android apps can't really be used in their current form the software platform isn't that relevant. Efficiency and scalability means Tizen is the better choice at the moment.

If they can do it on watches, what guarantee do we have that they won't do it for phones or tablets????

How are people getting this update? Kies is showing no updates available, and the U.S. version of the firmware does not seem to be available for download anywhere.

From the above article:

"To update your original Gear, you'll need to run the process through Kies or fetch the file and upgrade manually."

Neither of which are showing any available updates for the U.S. I suppose these rollouts take time to reach everyone though.

If I bought a device that ran Android and the manufacturer switched it to their own OS afterwards, without my permission, I would be PISSED! Even if they gave me the option, but said they were no longer going to provide any Android updates, I would still be PISSED. They should have an upgrade to Android Wear and continue to provide future support for that.

Just because there are not Android apps that you can and want to load on your GG now doesn't mean there won't be.

It isn't Samsung's own OS. They are one of the largest contributors to the open source Tizen project, but in no way is it theirs. In an application such as a wearable device, switching to a much less demanding OS and unifying your incredibly small line of accessory devices, this is actually a good move

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Fine. Replace "their own OS" with "a different OS" in my above statement.

And... what makes it a better move than upgrading to Android Wear?

What makes you think android wear will be better than tizen on a smart watch?

Brand loyalty is for stupid people.

Mistaking having a vested interest in an ecosystem for brand loyalty is equally stupid.

Personally, I own a BUNCH of paid-for Android apps. Some of them may branch out to integration with Android wearables. If I bought an Android wearable, then the manufacturer changed it to a different OS with even asking me, and then one of my apps added integration to Android wearables and I couldn't take advantage of it because MY wearable was no longer Android (again, without even my consent), I would feel like I was TOTALLY screwed over by said manufacturer.

Want to put your Thinking Cap on and try again?

OMG what are you on about? The watch doesn't automatically update itself. So if you don't like the update, then don't update. How hard is that?
I think it's you who needs to put a thinking cap on cause it seems like you ain't doing too much thinking yourself
The brand loyalty thing is my signature it wasn't meant as a reply to you

Brand loyalty is for stupid people.

I think his issue is not so much for himself but is Samsung actually going to note the OS change in the update I mean right now it is for us that stay informed but we are not the majority what about the average consumer who updates because it is out there and then they realize what happened....I think that was his point if not then I'm off base.

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OMG what are you on about? The watch doesn't automatically update itself. So if you don't like the update, then don't update. How hard is that?
I think it's you who needs to put a thinking cap on cause it seems like you ain't doing too much thinking yourself.
The brand loyalty thing is my signature it wasn't meant as a reply to you

Brand loyalty is for stupid people.

I am in the US as well using the latest version of kies 3 and it is reporting that my current firmware is the latest

I'm sure they will start rolling out update soon. It was just announced. Their probably preparing their servers for all these updates.

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So what do people say now? I'm old

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I want to know if Watch Styler will still work with the new update. According to gearfaces. Com only the analog watch faces seem to work. Kinda a deal breaker for me right now. I love custom watch faces.

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I am sure we will or it will just become a branch of connectedly

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Extended battery and enhanced performance/. Maybe the switch to Tizen will be a good thing. Maybe we will all be switching to Tizen at some point. If Tizen is an open operating system it is pretty much like Android. Samsung will released closed apps I am sure just like google but as long as the platform is open I have nothing against a switch.

The one hitch to me is that google already takes forever to update Android and they have absolutely horrible communication regarding updates or changes. Like Android 4.4.3 for instance which is supposed to fix data drops and all sorts of stuff. Google is silent about it. That's great support right there. Samsung would need to be much better on those issues.

New website...Tizen Central.

Considering Android is open source, you could always check out the AOSP Github page and see what they're doing for yourself. The information on what's changing is already public information. No reason for Google to make press announcements about it, too.

First the battery life is battery because its scaled down and much less demanding but that aslo has its trade offs. I mean look at iOS for example it is much less demanding but with tradeoffs.

And open source is just access to the source code literally that's what it means which we are given, companies can release closed apps and have rules for the app marketplace to curate it that is there decision with android we are lucky if you don't like Google play use amazon or Samsung's apps or sideload you have plenty of options that may not be the case with tizen it may have some tradeoffs when it hit some main devices.

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Is this available in the United States yet? I have Kies and it says that the most updated version of the firmware is already on my Gear.

Just updated my Gear 1 to Tizen and love the new look. I'd previously rooted my Gear to have internet access etc but to be honest it was just a bit of fun.

I'd like to know how sideload apps to the newly updated (Tizen) Gear1

Wondershare no longer works - do i need ADB?