Verizon Galaxy S III

The Android community has been a bit upset at the fact that the Verizon branded Galaxy S III comes with a locked boot loader, and while this doesn't change that it is sure to make a few happy. Samsung has given up the source code for the Galaxy S III on Verizon, so if you are one of those that likes to build from code, or just poke around and see what is in there this will be of interest to you. 

If for some reason you are interested in comparing this source code to that of the AT&T or T-Mobile versions, you can grab them here, and check those out as well.

Source: Samsung Open Source (search for sch-i535); via: Android Central Forums


Reader comments

Samsung releases source code for the Galaxy S III on Verizon


Although this is (much) worse than Bing people need to remember that it is VZW's sworn mission to someone muck up any and all versions of the Samsung Galaxy line of phones to distinguish them to their brethren on other carriers. (Bing on the Fascinate, delays on OS updates on the Nexus etc. etc.)

I'm sure the crafty devs out there will find an acceptable way to circumvent VZW's changes, but that's just time wasted that could be devoted to improving other areas of ROMS/kernels. Can't believe I'm now looking at AT&T as the best choice for a switch.

Verizon's goal is to lock down every phone on their network, so you can't do anything they don't allow. I had to physically short two contacts to attain S-OFF on my Rezound, it's insane. I was surprized that Samsung got verizon to release a phone that is identical to ever other carrier's version (for the most part).

I guess this was the price, we'll let you release your phone on our network as is, if you finally agree to lock down the boot loader on your phones. I'm sure they'll find a way around it, but like you said it's just a waste of time developer's could be spending doing something else.

Sadly, AT&T is looking better and better for a new carrier, simply due to phone selection and the ability to have unlocked or international phones, But Verizon LTE is a strong addiction, I don't live close to a city so I'm sure we'll be on HSPA+ for a long long time, with AT&T's upgrade only places we absolutely have to approach to network upgrades.