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After months of speculation, leaks, conjecture and gnashing of teeth we're finally going to see the Samsung Galaxy S4. 

Samsung is on stage doing their thing, and we're waiting for them to whip out the phone so many have been waiting to see. We're sure there are plenty of changes to both the hardware and software, and Samsung has produced another great device.

This is just the beginning folks. Be sure to check out the liveblog to see the rest as it happens while we wait for all the details, and the hands-on time.

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fishygraphx says:

Looks exactly like the S3.

jaymars says:

Nut up, already. Christ.

return_0 says:

And the leaks were right! :D


Yep lol


Get ready for the whiners, Jerry. They're gonna come full force lol

rem_kujawa says:

What an original design.

Bilal_Fakih says:

Design: Very disappointing

Floss82 says:

I said it...I knew the leaks were right...usually the leaked devices right before the announcement are always the real ones lol

Jayshmay says:


smooth3006 says:

im on the fence about this one. kinda sickening the leaks were right. im not waiting until the end of april to get this, i guess htc has my money.

smooth3006 says:

does the international LTE work on US carriers like tmobile or at&t?

jaymars says:

Everyone on the net, even here, I see the Apple effect. "Who cares what it does if it doesn't look as nice?" Sad.

Apple is going to sue Samsung for copying their lack of design innovation.


This is what happens when there is no competition in the marketplace. HTC, Motorola, LG, Blackberry, Nokia, and Apple need to step their game up; otherwise, the next Galaxy S phone will be a reiteration of the S4.

demontooth says:

Jerry aren't you glad you didn't have to sit through that live?

moises1204 says:

It was painfully bad terrible show and very disappointing.

Shail Kumar says:

The reason why i am exited about s4 is because it is coming with groundbreaking eye motion technology which will control key functions at a distance.

Also one can see more features here

Also Samsung Galaxy S4 is available here