Galaxy Note

Samsung has been rolling out the Galaxy Note to quite a few places since its announcement but news now comes from the UK that O2 will be making it available soon. No pricing details can be taken from the information as of yet but Samsung has already gone on record to say it will be November 17th so that date appears to be sticking. We've gone over the device in our review, so make sure you check that out and as always -- when we know more, you'll know more.

Source: O2; via Engadget


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Samsung Galaxy Note making its way onto O2 in the UK


The only problem for me is that I wouldn't change carriers for it. I have too many lines with different contract expirations.

Does Santa post to this blog because he needs to needs to get a heads up on this! ReganDee you probably dont even know where Germany is, blind patriotic blog spam winds me up.

Can't have it outclass the iPhone/iPad/iJunk.
at&t, Verizon etc...sell their SOULS to get the iJunk.
Heck, you can't walk into a corporate store...without stumbling
all over the iJunk accessories.

why cant all these companies make their phones quad or penta band so we can just use them anywhere.

its so god damn annoying how these phones dont work in half the places, if i travel alot its basically pointless to buy any of these devices. and this is a perfect travel device.

I was able to get the epic 4g touch with discounts for buyback of my old phones to sprint. That way when my contact is up I can get this bad boy when and if it comes to the states. Now that is planning ahead.