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Those of you itching to get a hold of Samsung's latest phablet will be happy to hear that, as expected, the Galaxy Note 2 is now available at AT&T stores and online for $299 on a two-year contract. 

The Note 2 launch on AT&T is going to be a bit crowded by Windows Phones though, as both the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X are also hitting shelves today, and they're getting a lot of visibility. On the other hand, Samsung has already sold 3 million Note 2 devices. There aren't any surprises as far as Note 2 specs go, as the 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, LTE connectivity, 8 megapixel camera, and quad-core 1.6 GHz processor are the same as models released elsewhere. 

 Who's in? Of course, you'll want to check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 before taking the plunge. 

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Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 now available at AT&T


Grabbed mine this morning off contract for $649. Gotta love that beautiful display, battery life, and LTE!

I wanted to get mine so bad today, but I was stuck at work all day, and couldn't leave. Grabbing mine off contract as well, leaving the S3 behind!

Got mine the 5th (1 day later than the expected, boy was I worried) and love it. Though not a huge difference at first from the original.

Battery life has never been an issue for me, I'm usually tethered to an outlet 24/7.
And there's a nice, noticeable difference, it just wasn't like swapping from a Captivate to an S3 difference.

I got my Note 2 yesterday from AT&T and am loving it! It my first Android!! I've been an iPhone user since the 3G. The Note 2 is the DROID I've been looking for! ;)

I must say though that my AT&T experience has not been that good. I've seen numerous unboxings from various carriers and the packaging job that AT&T did is abissmal!
It doesn't even come in the elegant Samsung white box, it comes in a Orange AT&T box and the stuff is just stuffed in it! OH and NO headphones!!

Oh and the flap case...$50 from AT&T! $39.99 from Samsung. I called them on it and they gave me the Samsung price. So not impressed with AT&T. I may return it before my 14 days and go with a different carrier. Maybe T-Mo!

In any case, its an AMAZING phone! For the people who think its too big, I say remember when phone got so small that we couldn't use our shoulders and we balked at them? Well with this phone now you can! Its super light and fits in your front pocket! It's got tons of features! Where ever there is a keyboard input method, you have two other options, voice dictation(amazing!) and handwriting recognition(also amazing!).

Quick scenario and then I'll get off my soap box:

I have a Ford Focus with MyFordTouch. I connected my phone via bluetooth. While I was driving I received a text message. Up on the Navi screen on my dashboard it told me that I did and asked if I wanted it to read it to me which I said "Yes!"
After hearing the message I then responded back to it by dictating my text. Worked perfectly!!

Anyways, if your on the fence, let me push you over to the note 2 side ;) You'll love it! If not, return it before the 14 days and you'll just be responsible for the $35 restocking fee.


So is this a carrier issue, AT&T or lack of feature in Android but there is no visual voicemail like on the iPhone. What are we back in the 90s???

Picked up the Note 2 today. I've got the "Data Unlimited for 4G LTE w/Visual Voice Mail" data plan on AT&T. Downloaded the AT&T Visual Voicemail app and have visual voicemail just like the iPhone.

You just need to go to the play store and download the AT&T Visual Voice Mail app. It is that simple.

Found the app that you have to run and update in order to set it up. Very interesting.

On another note, I tried using some Schosche headphones that have controls on them as well as a mic, during a phone call and the other party could not hear me. Is that normal?


I sold my Note 1 on craigslist then went right to ATT to get this! I'm sad it's not in white. I hope the white version comes out before the 30 day return period is up. I love this phone!! Amazingly fast.

I looked at the N2 but wondered what workout people do. In usually like to have my phone in my pocket.

Also I didn't see any htc 8xs

I'm a long distance runner and I have an arm band case that I carry mine in. The case was made for the original Note when I had that one, but now that I have the Note 2 the device still fits fine, and is quite secure.

Awesome I'm glad there's an option. I was worried about this as well and don't like my thunderbolt with extended battery flopping around in my pocket when I run. Wasn't gonna stop me from buying it, but I can sell my ipod for sure with this case.

I got the white GN2!
I got the last Note 2 at my att store today! I called and asked them to hold it for me and it was a good thing I did!
They said there was people waiting for the store to open to buy it!
Unfortunately, they didn't have any cases for it, so i will check Best Buy and T-mobile to see what they have.
BTW it is slippery! I dropped it twice already. Once on the carpet and once on the tile. No damage thankfully!

If you're looking for a case locally, your best bet will be your local Sprint store. They carry a TPU case.

Thanks, I went back to the ATT store and they had a Casemate pop case in stock, so I picked it up. It gives me time to find another one I like.

Mine was delivered today. Was a OG Galaxy Note user and current SGSIII user. I mainly set up the phone today in between other commitments. This phone has tons of features and settings! So far I am impressed. I will spend more time with it this weekend. Nice Work Samsung!

Tried to get one this morning, but line was down the sidewalk and around the corner 5 minutes before the store even opened. I called my wife to have her check another store, but she said there were easily 100 people waiting outside. I stopped by the store after work, just for kicks, and the guy told me that most of the line was Windows Phone related, but the Notes basically still sold out immediately. U

nfortunately none of the reps have been able to pre-order it for me without losing either my corp discount, or my unlimited data. I suspect it will be a while before I'm able to get my hands on one.

Happy for my Sprint and Tmobile friends they been rocking the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 since October 24th. Time for me to get mines November 15th on Tmobile at my favorite Tmobile store in Manhattan. I got my 64gb sdxc class 10 card 2 days ago and my current Galaxy S3 will be sold for 350 dollars Wednesday November 14th. Gotta roll real strong with the Galaxy Note 2.

Still stoked after 4 days of using it almost non stop and i have decided to sell my iPad 3, this phone is soooooooooooo Good and it is by far the best tech purchase that I have ever made!!! Hats off to you Samsung!