Crackberry Kevin is asking for your help! He knows his way around the G1 pretty well but he would love to know everyone's tips and tricks and 3rd party app recommendations. Luckily, we at Android Central got you covered because if you help out Crackberry Kevin on his forum post (which can be found here) you're automatically entered into our Smartphone Round Robin Contest! You can win a T-Mobile G1 and a boatload of goodies!

Also, my device for the past week has been the AT&T Fuze, a Windows Mobile Device, does anyone have any questions that they would like to get answered about the Fuze or Windows Mobile? Leave a line in the comments and I'll do my best to answer it!


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Round Robin: Help Crackberry Kevin With the T-Mobile G1 & Any Questions on the AT&T Fuze?


How does the Fuze stack up vs. the G1 in terms of hardware? I liked what HTC did with the G1 but am curious about how they're doing with their other products.

How difficult is it to disable the TouchFlo... I've tried to get a feel for both the Fuze and Touch Pro at stores and have consistently been frustrated by the maddening slowness of the TouchFlo interface. I'm comfortable on WinMo devices, so almost wonder if I'd be more comfortable with this particular phone with TouchFlo turned off.

Casey, aside from any lag issues, how do you like TouchFlo from a usability standpoint? I'm currently a WinMo user and am concerned that while it looks great, it might not be all that usable after a while. Case in point: The home screen on TouchFlo is dominated by that oversized clock, and therefore you can only see (I think) 1 upcoming appointment whereas with the standard WinMo today screen you can see your next 4 or 5 events if you want.

After some playing in the store, I'm realizing more and more that even if TouchFlo was fast and responsive (which it hasn't been for me), I'm so used to hitting keyboard combinations to get things done on WinMo that I would probably disable it anyway. I almost NEVER touch the screen on my Treo 700wx (though I'm glad I can when I need to), and I can't imagine wanting to do so on a regular basis. If only there was a front-facing keyboard device with such a beautiful screen (of course, other than the Bold, since I know I would go insane constantly trying to tap away at that screen during those rare times that I need to, hahahah).