Get your repetitive puzzle game fix and see what the craze is all about

Well it didn't take very long — the hit puzzle game Threes! is now available in all its glory on Android. Coming in at just $1.99 without any ads or nagging in-app purchases, Threes! has been applauded for its simplicity and great gameplay, and now even more people have the opportunity to play it. The game is infinitely replayable and simple to pick up — you're just dealing with a grid of numbers and combining them to get the highest score possible.

The unfortunate thing at this point is that the real game can be tough to find through a regular search with the number of knock-offs (although we do have to say "Fives" is pretty great) on the Play Store right now. But if you follow the Google Play link at the top of this post, you'll be taken to the correct one. The $1.99 price is listed as a discount of 33% right now, so if you want to save a bit, pick it up today.


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Puzzle game Threes! now available on Android for $1.99


Gosh people! Back in November, the whole world was enthusiastic about that darn thing, even here on AC, and now it's a deadly sin to even talk about. It's a bloody side note, nothing more. Let it go. I know I do. ;)

Yeah, that's because I didn't know that ART is now more unpopular than hemorrhoids. What a backlash! Live and learn. Is noted. ;)

Not sure about the whole world being excited, 2.5% of Android devices are on Kit Kat, and an even smaller minority of that group are on Art, yet on almost every article about a new app we see a comment sayin "no ART support", not hatin on you just pointing out something

Seeing as how easy it is to find ratings that ask for art support on games and apps that do not support it at the moment, I'd say quite a few people actually give a shit. It is an option in the android ecosystem. If the developer sees a demand for it, they'd probably want to enable support for it to allow more users to use their app. But I don't agree with people who just one star an app over it, that's just not right.

Well...clearly since he asked the question, he does. I suspect if we are going to respect the opinion of the reviewers here, you should do the same of those who frequent the site.

ART is a system-wide toggle, you either use it for all apps or not at all, that's why it matters. If you could choose per app, then the odd app that doesn't support ART wouldn't be a big deal to those that have ART enabled.

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It's based on Unity, and Unity apps are known to drain battery. The game even has an option to "Reduce Battery Usage"...

So... you haven't actually tried it though. For all you know with "Reduce Battery Usage" on this could be the most efficient Unity App ever made.

Really? I like the minimalistic approach taken with Fives, but I am not a fan of the design at all. Maybe it is that terrible font that was used for everything.

Sure the font doesn't do it justice but the gameplay is smooth, the colors are easy on the eyes, and its pretty hard to lose track of where everything is at on the board.

Imo it's a little too late now, the buzz over three is dead and those who were interested played the countless very good free clones like fives etc. If this came out at the same time they would have made more sales.. Can't see it getting very much download now. Won't be surprised if we see an article from a apple site some times later about how three a poplar paid app on ios failes on Android because Android users don't like to spend lol when the truth is if threes was released at the same time as ios it would have done well.

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