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OpenFeint -- the service that used to ask you if you didn't like fun if you ignored it -- is closing its doors and discontinuing service as of December 14. The cross-platform game platform that allows you to chart scores on leaderboards, achievements and compete against friends is being shut down by owners Gree. At the same time, Gree is hoping that developers who utilized OpenFeint will transfer over to their own platform instead. 

As of shutdown "all OpenFeint network calls will be non-functional." In simple terms, it will cease to work. The actual end date may end up being later than December 14 but developers are urged to prepare for this date. All game information stored will be lost, and should developers wish to retain it migration to the Gree platform ahead of December 14 is advised. 

Source: OpenFeint via Joystiq


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OpenFeint gaming service closing its doors on December 14


agree, I'm sick of clicking no thanks on OpenFeint pop up. I'm sure many people are the same, that's why it should stop disturbing people :D

Getting rid of that is one step closer to a better gaming experience on tablets. Now we just need the more important one, going back to charging a price up front for quality games instead of trying to bleed us dry with often moronically high priced in-app purchases (I don't even bother checking out games from particularly Glu Mobile anymore, I could often buy a couple of full priced console games for what they hope I'll spend on more or less necessary in-app purchases in their games. Either they're out of their minds or a disturbing number of their customers are).

^ This.

I'm really tired of the half-assed games where it's an option to pay $50+ for currency to make the game playable for more than an hour.

Totally agree. I don't play games with in app purchases or freemium style games, I don't play monthly fee games either. Give me a free couple of levels demo, if I like it, I'll buy it.

iOS's Game Center killed it, kind of odd that it didn't catch on Android considering it was most popular game network iOS.

Wow have times changed. At one point the games that had open feint were the big sellers. About 2 years ago, Android Central even would post when more games were launching with open feint. I don't play many games with the service so I never really noticed any pop ups or anything.

If the service is done right I certainly don't mind the Xbox style achievements. It's too bad Google doesn't do it's own system. To go with that the need for what Amazon has done is very real with its syncing. I shouldn't have to root my phone just so I can save my game progress.

Doesn't bother me one bit. I refuse to use games with this on it. Now if only tap joy would go out of business as well.

I wish they would remove all games that want you to purchase in game stuff for $10 or more. I would have to be crazy to play a zombie game and pay $5 for a virtual gun that still wont even allow me to beat the game. I work for a company and a customer called me and said he pressed the wrong button and the in app purchase charged him $99. True story! lol I had to refund his money and it wasn't even Android.

Wow, all this hate! A
And I thought I was the only one that REFUSED to allow OpenFeint on my devices.

I will miss , just got a gal tablet and all my glu games are on my gal S2 , I just lost 200 .00 worth of weapons an of course game play
Ck killer zombies
Contract killer
This sucks

Are there hacks for these games or a way to move offline data to my tablet?
Need help?
Who can assist?