Now you can pick up 9 games in total if you donate over the average, currently still under $4

The Humble Mobile Bundle 4 has been available for a few days now, and that means it's time for an expansion of the number of games available. As it regularly does, Humble Bundle is adding three more games to the list, all of which will be available if you make an above-average donation for the group. Adding to the six games already available at launch, you'll now also receive:

  • OLO
  • Color Sheep
  • Gunslugs

That's nine games in total after this refresh, and the average donation price right now is just $3.71 at the time of writing. That's a crazy deal for this many games, and as always they're all still DRM-free and the proceeds go directly to charities and the game developers.

Source: Humble Bundle


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Humble Mobile Bundle 4 expands


Catan alone is worth this price. Yes, this is the full version from the play store and does NOT contain any of the IAP expansions.

Picked it up. I was going to purchase Riptide 2 last weekend. I'm glad I waited.

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Woo hoo! I bought it last week and I still got the new games!

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Anyone having issues with running Breach and Clear? It tries to load the actual gameplay after setting the team, then does nothing.

The other games I have tried are awesome!