Humble Bundle for Android

The gamers in the house will be familiar with the Humble Bundle; it's a batch of indie games that periodically go on sale for as much as you're willing to offer, split up as you like between the developers or charity. Traditionally, the Humble Bundle has only been available for PC games, but today they've expanded to Android, and the titles the developers are offering are fully cross-platform (meaning you can redeem these games to play on PC through Steam, or download directly on Mac and Linux). 

The first game the Humble Bundle for Android is offering is Anomaly. It's basically a reverse tower defense, where you're the one trying to send your waves of troops through a treacherous maze. EDGE is a simple yet colourful puzzle game where you navigate a cube through a surreal and animated landscape. Osmos is a strategy game modeled after molecular biology - get bigger, and absorb the lesser cells. If you pay more than the average price (currently sitting at $4.95), you also get World of Goo, which is a classic physics puzzle that tests your structural engineering skills. 

I'm a huge fan of the Humble Bundle and have bought into it once or twice before. The payment scheme is smart, simple, and new. The titles are quality, and a lot of money is raised for excellent causes. Now, the danger here is that a lot of people simply pay nothing and get some free games. That strikes me as a bit of a cheapskate thing to do, considering the earnest spirit in which these titles are being offered, but I guess it can't be helped that a lot of folks will pounce on a freebie. 

Go on and drop a couple of bucks to support some awesome developers, some awesome charities, or a little of both. 

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Reader comments

Humble Bundle for Android offers handful of solid games - pay what you want


Snagged this about two hours ago. Was interested in getting Goo and Anomoly when they went on sale and this qualifies in my book.

Not as simple as just loading directly from the android market, but not too bad either. Niceity is having fully stand alone apks that don't need to call home to run when the phone/tablet is in airplane mode.


I just went and bought it too. I really liked the Osmos demo and have been eyeing World of Goo for a while. Happy to see Humble Bundle on Android!

Is anybody else having trouble loading Edge on the Galaxy Nexus? I only get a green screen when I try to load it, and then it crashes.

I bought both World of Goo and Osmos for Linux a long time ago in a previous Humble Bundle. I can tell you that both are really nice games and well worth contributing some money to get.

This is great that the Humble is coming to Android. And having FOUR WAY cross platform (Linux, MacOS, MS-Windows, and Android) is really super!

This was my first humble bundle, but how could I resist when "cross-platform" now includes my phone, too? The only way it could be better is if they included an OnLive code for the games available on OnLive (3/4). Already had Android World of Goo, but it'll be nice to have on my netbook. Just tried Osmos, and it's fantastic.