Do you have a laptop but no data plan love for it? If you want to save a few $$$ either in WiFi rates or a 3G data rate plan for your laptop, then consider tethering your G1 to your laptop and use it's 3G goodness for some large-screen internet browsing and emailing.

How do you do it? Well, fortunately for all of us, there are those who discover the ways and means and then post for the rest of us mere mortals. Thanks to Mark Wilson at Gizmodo via TmoNews Forums and jkOnTheRun, just click here for a detailed step-by-step that will have you tethering and surfing in no time.


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How To Tether Your G1 for 3G Browsing


I rent from an Amnish family so i am outta luck foe any phone or cable hookup,,,,i am prsently using ATT aircard for my destop, but wonder if i am paying double fes when i could be tethering????

I read this article,,,can a noob --non techie do this????


i love my G1 and i am really excited about the future of it!!!----

Keep writing apps all you coders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flash and voice search,,,comeon!!!

Actually, there is FULL, REAL tethering now available and working on the G1.

You can set up your phone to act as an actual WiFi access point. You just connect to it via your computer. Works like a champ.

However, you must have your G1 rooted, at this time.

yes i have to agree, just search pda net in youtube or google or whatever, its way too simple compared to other carious tethering programs like tetherbot or w/e, matter of fact, im using pda net for my laptop right now! lol

I'm hoping to buy an unlimited data plan for the G1 and use tethering to serve my internet needs. My friend told me that T-mobile actually has a 5gb limit that they don't tell you about. Is that true? Or is data truely "unlimited" for the $34.99 data plan? My regular internet use includes Bit-torrenting large files on a regular basis and streaming video content, so I'll definitely be exceeding 5gb worth of downloaded data every month.

@ kwarren84:
Tmob has a 10gb "soft" cap, meaning if you use over 10gb in one month, they will throttle your internet speed. you will not have extra charges and you will not be cut off from access, just slower internet until the new month rolls around.

I have busted thru the 10gb soft cap awhile ago i received a text message that said" your data usage in this billing cycle has excedded 10gb;Data throughput for the remainder of the cycle may be reduced to 50kbps or less. am now at about 25gb for the month and i can still download at around 100-150kbps using pdanet tethered to the laptop. i love tmobile for allowing unlimited downloading..