Samsung Galaxy S4 Active for AT&T.

We’re here in New York where Samsung introduced its newest addition to the Galaxy S4 lineup, the Galaxy S4 Active, to US consumers. Our friends across the pond got a bit more fanfare today than we did here at Pepcom’s annual summer shindig, but even without the grand stage, the Active still seems to impress.

What Samsung cooked up here is a true-to-form Galaxy S 4 in every sense of the word – same processor, same gorgeous screen, and same Touchwiz/Jelly Bean experience. There’s one major difference, though: this version can withstand just about anything you throw at it. Shock, sand, water, you name it – the S4 Active is just barely short of bulletproof (don’t test that, please).

The really cool thing about the S4 Active is that it doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for strength. I really like the industrial feel, including the chrome “bolts” and hard buttons, and the slate grey color is a nice addition to the standard black and blue. Let’s just say this: the S4 Active is a hell of a lot more attractive than a standard S4 paired with something like, say, an Otterbox.

AT&T’s got an exclusive on the S4 Active beginning Friday, when you grab one for $199 on contract. We've got more Galaxy S4 Active discussion happening in our forums.

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dmcincubus says:

Much sexier than the s4. I see this thing being a pretty big hit.

frettfreak says:

i would say the same... if it were on more than 1 carrier. i would probably buy this over pretty much anything on tmo right now, but no way in hell i would change to att for anything... especially a phone. lol

JonConley says:

It's actually not the same screen, and the camera (I believe) is the same module form the GSIII, rather than the improved camera from the GS4.

I hope that it comes to T-Mobile as well.

Come on Sprint bring this baby home

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does it have better drop protection than the Otterbox Defender case?

I just have to ask... will there be a Verizon 4G LTE version of this phone?
(yes, I do realize that the answer is probably a definite NO)

I sure do love the physical buttons....

chrismage says:

Looks good, maybe get it.

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I wish they came out with this sooner. I would have gotten this instead of the s4.

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geoff5093 says:

This isn't the same.

The S4 Active uses a TFT LCD display, and has an 8MP camera.

Screen looks a lot better to me. The camera is only 8mp but uses the GS4 software. It had some cool features not found on my GS4 though.

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hughie1987 says:

I don't like any of these new phones over my S4, they are ugly haha also I have had no problems with my phones screen in direct light so idk why ppl are complaining. The S4 has the best of these in one and Im going to just buy the water proof case I found when its released so that has the same rating as lifeproof cases :D

Madness87 says:

You clearly missed the point... It's almost the same as the GS4 but near indestructible. It's waterproof, sandproof, drop and shock proof. No need for a bulky otterbox, or a case or anything. Plus the screen is actually superior. I like the TFT LCD, it's very much like the screen in the HTC One. Easily readable in daylight, accurate colors, not oversaturated.

The only negative is the 8mp camera that is the same as the GS3, but it uses the GS4 software.

Plus, why use touch sensitive buttons with a main big button, when you can have all the buttons be rugged and solid?

hodan says:

Where are all the S4 fanboys defending their precious Crapoled screen?

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NexusKoolaid says:

I wish they'd make a Google Edition of this phone.

dplane says:

I'm not even gonna bother asking if this is coming to big red

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skyboxer says:

I forgot about the tft screen. We need comparisons to the regular s4 and HTC one.

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No phone att have their name on. For sure have mucked up. Stay with International versions and no contract.

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Gearu says:

Max brightness comparison please.

smoker278 says:

In my opinion in order for it to be a true galaxy s 4 . It should have the same specs as the original. This is just going to cause confusion with buyers.

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ConTejas says:

No, it's not the same as the GS4. Sand? Did you really say SAND?! Yeah right.

Really only loses the 13mp camera. Gains water resistance. Screen seems better to me. Up to the individual if the trade off on the camera is worth it. I like the torchlight feature the active has. When the screen is off you can hold the up volume button and the flashlight comes on. Very handy

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Cubfan says:

So Verizon gets this in like September? Or not at all?

S_C_B says:

I surely thought this came with a sealed battery cover, but I was shocked when I saw a hands-on and the guy took the battery cover off.

TechyMexican says:

Does anyone what bands this has? I know the AT&T version of the S4 has the 1700MHZ band.