Galaxy Nexus

You may recall that last week we ordered an unlocked GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play store to give away. There was this gigantic forum thread and everything. Well, we fired up ye olde random number generator last night and picked a winner, and now we're gonna announce it.

Scmurphy13, enjoy your Galaxy Nexus!

Keep an eye peeled for more contests and giveaways -- we like having them as much as you like winning them. Congrats, scmurphy13, from everyone here at AC!


Reader comments

The Google Play store Galaxy Nexus winner


Wth?? How the heck he wins and he put was "me please" and I wrote like a sentence begging to win one because I've never won anything from a contest:( fml

P.S. Yeah I'm jealous lol

I already used the I've never won anything line in yesterday's contest for the Asus Tablet, you need to be more original like "me please". Haha just kidding of course.

Congrats to the winner of this excellent phone.

Thanks, everyone, and thanks, Android Central. My first time winning and it's a good one. I couldn't believe it when I found out.

I picture you using it for the first time and saying "oh, that's what Android's supposed to look like!"

It's a very solid phone. Only the One X / Evo 4G LTE would be close.

I saw the lumina in store when I was trying to find me a Nexus on Friday and while it was nice I didn't like the way the screen sits above the bezel. Certainly the best newer windows OS phone to date though.

AC should start a contest for "Most Depressing 'I Never Win' Comment". And give the winner nothing. lol

You had a 1 in 8000+ chance of winning. Consider this, you have a higher chance (1 in 5000) of being killed in a car crash. So don't be surprised when you don't get picked. (especially if you have never even been in a car crash)

I didn't want to switch carriers anyhow ... :)

I'd love to get a follow-up in a month or so to see how they find the completely "free" Nexus way of life.

Out of all the contests I have entered on this site I have probably made them a couple million in ad revenue. Anyway congrats scmurphy13.

Hey, I didn't win either and you don't see me complaining.... "Now, you dog-blasted, ornery, no-account, long-eared varmint!" ;)