It may finally be time to put all that time you spend gaming on your Android phone of choice to use. The guys over at DroidGamers are organizing the first Android Gaming Challenge (AGC), which also might be the first official mobile gaming tournament ever. 

The tournament kicks off on July 30, when they will announce the game that players will compete in. After that, gamers have 5 days to post their highest score and the top 40 players will be selected. These top 40 will then get set up in a ladder and elimination games begin, with one round happening every day (players have 24 hours to beat their opponent). It seems like there will be a new game for each round, which should keep things interesting. There will be prizes galore, ranging from free copies of games all the way up to the grand prize, which contains a free Android phone of the champion's choice. Excited yet?

The tournament looks to be a huge opportunity to spotlight some of the amazing games on the Android platform, and will hopefully drive awareness and sales for the many dedicated developers that have helped make Android a success. Hit up the source link for all the details. [DroidGamers]


Reader comments

Gamers rejoice: 'Android Gaming Challenge' announced


Ok. This sounds like tons of FUN! Will this include free and paid games? Or just free? just paid?

eh, would have been better if we had worthwhile games to play on our phones. Maybe in another year we will at least catch up to the Palm Pre.

True there were some decent games on the Pre, But having to restart the damn thing just to play them wasn't worth it.

Wow I wish they would have asked me to make an AGC Logo... the one they have right is uhh... kind of tacky.

I wonder what games there will be... and if they are playable on snapdragon phones.

Damn...when I saw the headline I thought it was a challenge to developers to make an android game that actually doesn't suck.

I love my Droid to death, but you have to admit that the quality of the gaming experience is severely lacking.

Hopefully as the Android platform continues to explode the situation will get better.

The grand prize is kind of odd. I mean don't people already have the Android phone of their choice if they're in the contest.

I suppose there are people waiting to get phones, but that isn't a very universal prize.