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Gameloft is no stranger to big name movie tie-in games, and it looks pretty much a given that another one is on the horizon. This image appeared on the Gameloft UK Twitter feed accompanied by the message, "warming up main core." 

So, it looks a lot like Iron Man then. With the release of Iron Man 3 not that far away now, it's highly possible that whatever Gameloft has up their sleeves could be related to the movie in some way. 

Previous efforts on The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises games have been commendable. We like both titles very much, although the Gameloft in-app purchases we're not so fond of. Needless to say, it all leaves us pretty excited to see how they might bring Tony Stark to life.

The good news is there isn't long to wait. The only other detail on the image was the date -- March 27. So, sit tight, we'll know the score very, very soon. 

Source: @Gameloft_UK


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Gameloft teasing something for March 27, looks a lot like Iron Man


Oh man, this will be good! I love Gameloft games, they will do a flawless Iron Man title I'm sure! They really blow the competition out of the water with handheld gaming!

You're joking right? Gameloft games are hit and miss, on my Gnex, some play, some lag, and some FC. I have a 33% chance of them working correctly.