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As you may have heard, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to the international Samsung Galaxy Note. But that's not all -- ICS will arrive as part of a "premium suite" for the Note, which includes a host of new S Pen enhancements. Today Sammy's released an official promo video showing off what's new in this upcoming software update.

As we see in the video, this pack includes a re-vamped S Note application, capable of including rich content like video and multiple font styles and sizes. There's also a new shape match and formula match feature, which matches shapes and symbols you draw, allowing more complex types of notes to be taken. Similar enhancements have been made to the S Memo and mail apps.

We should also mention that the version of ICS shown off in the video is skinned with Samsung's TouchWiz UI, rather than the bizarre half-stock, half-TouchWiz launcher that emerged a day or so ago. No surprises there, as far as we're concerned.

Finally, international Note owners will get Angry Birds Space pre-loaded, along with 30 special Galaxy Note themed levels. The ICS update and premium suite for the international Note are due to land sometime during the second quarter of the year. Roll-out plans for the AT&T Galaxy Note have yet to be revealed.

Join us after the break for Samsung's preview video.

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Galaxy Note ICS update and 'premium suite' teased in official video


dont have a note but have to say that looks like a very nice update. i think note owners should be happy to get this update.

I hope you get it. I was with Sprint for almost 11 years and i left them because they screwed around with my plan due to having a corporate discount, they changed the way the were billing me. Switched to AT& getting better service and i have this phone, so far so good.

I was on sprint and knew if/when it did comethe device would be handicapped from their network. I bought one out of pocket price and now Im on straight talk on at&'s network couldn't be happier :)

The video says something about a special version of Angry Birds for Galaxy users, not Galaxy Note users. It's the only spot in the video where they don't use Galaxy Note and just say Galaxy, so am I to assume that I can get a special version of the game for my Epic 4G Touch?

Just answered my own question. Been playing the game today and go to the "Danger Zone" levels where it told me these were special levels for users of Samsung devices.

I love this phone...i find out new stuff almost everyday that it can do...looking forward to the update when they have it worked out...i want it to work at least as good as it does now.

I like the my note: S pen is so accurate to pin point to adjust typing err especially my older friends who can't type well with their hand. I am not going back to a small screen for sure. Everything is better than my 3/ 1/2 years of iPhones if you don't agree that's your denial or ego, I mean everything better.

You can't/won't "ignore the size"... after a day or two, you'll realize that the size is the best part of owning this phone, and you'll wonder how/why you ever tolerated anything smaller.

Know this before you buy: you'll never go back to a smaller phone, and everyone else' smaller phones will seem silly to you -- ESPECIALLY the ridiculously small iPhones.

OK's the good news for all the Galaxy Note owners waiting for ICS update for their device! Samsung had announced in their press release today that Galaxy Note owners will recieve the much awaited update to the OS OTA as soon as Israelis and Palestinians agree to live together peacefully!

I have the Galaxy is amazing with all it can do..i always get asked what is that and all the jazz that comes along....but One thing i must say is that it has tons of bugs and i always have to freaking restart my kinda of pisses me off...i just can't believe it's so buggy...but hopefully this update will take care of that and add some more amazing features...i really am waiting around...hurry up AT&T or Google or Samsung and send it thru...I am here don't waste our time...Blaming each other for not getting it thru hurry it up...Let's see what you got...