Spiegen Galaxy Note 3 accessories

Well, OK then, Spigen. We'll be in Berlin on Sept. 4 for all the festivities.

Thanks, @jamesanderson!


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Galaxy Note 3 accessories manufacturer says to expect it Sept. 4


I passed up the Note II for this once I heard the specs. Can't wait to get my hands on this!

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Even though I'm totally pumped for this phones release as well, I still cringe at every comment you make...

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That is a Note 2 though.
Note 3 according to all leaks so far will have less side bezel and a fourth circular spot at the top for an additional sensor.

No. The Note II is more oval shaped like the S4. This looks more like my Note I.

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Your wife/gf/so said that you have to stay home and that I should make the sacrifice to go in your place.

I will do that, just for you and the rest of the Mobile Nations team.

I hope it offers something new instead of just a N2 refresh. Don't get me wrong the N2 was awesome, but I'm curious as to what new features the N3 will have.

I agree +1. I have a note2 and I'm expecting minimal changes on the note3... I need a huge change for me to buy the note3.. If not... I hate. Absolutely hate tp leave the Samsung family... But I'll be rolling with the G2... I like the size better... I hope 9/4 changes my mind

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Samsung phones all have hideously awful battery life and reception. Not to mention poor GPS and touchwiz. Why do you idiots buy these phones

You score: 6.5/10
"This has cost you your strength, trolling has defeated you."

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My Samsung S4 has great battery life, a solid radio (and I travel a lot). My GPS is a bit wonky sometimes, but you can go stock if you don't like TW. I have actually gotten used to TW and I kinda like it.

Most people I know that have the GN2 love it.. so I assume that the 3 will be a step above it. I'm not sure calling people idiots is a way to bring the masses over to your argument in a thread about the GN3 and a Samsung product. Perhaps you should head over to the Apple forums, you will get much more positive responses.

I'm better than you, nanny nanny boo boo, stick your head in doo doo.

All your base belong to us now.

I like turtles.

The trolling is weak with this one. Yes!! I will be scooping the note 3 on day one. The only reason I'm leaving my sgs3 is because I dropped it and it has hairline fracture on the screen. Do you know how distracting a hairline fractured screen is while watching........ wait for it................

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My wife cracked mine to seal the deal that I deserve an upgrade. Note 3, One Max, Honami. I am in line for one of them on day one.

It is annoying watching porn.

"Samsung phones all have hideously awful battery life and reception. Not to mention poor GPS and touchwiz. Why do you idiots buy these phones"

...says the person that has never used a Note 2 with an alternative launcher. But you go ahead and keep telling yourself that. Maybe if you believe *really* hard enough, you might make it true. /s

Yes... because alternative launchers fix all these things...

I have had the note 2 on Verizon since its launch and I must admit it hasn't been the greatest experience I've had with a smart phone. Hasn't been the worst experience either... *cough* thunderbolt *cough* ... that being said, your experience isn't my experience isn't his experience isn't her experience and so on and so forth... you may have nothing at all wrong with your note 2... mine, as of late, has been struggling to keep service and the battery life is abysmal (probably due to the struggles with connectivity). A lot of other weird things have been happening with my note 2 lately... moral of the story: your own experience doesn't necessarily echo everyone else's, so how about you relax your defenses for a rather insignificant electronic device that will be forgotten in two years.

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You are exactly correct about "your own experience doesn't necessarily echo everyone else's". It appears that your experience is just the opposite of mine: Battery is fantastic, GPS is spot-on, and Nova Launcher has made my Note 2 immensely more enjoyable to use. It is unfortunate that not everyone with the same device has the same experience on it, but that is the nature of the beast. Maybe you will have better luck with your next phone.

This phone used to be unreal for me. Ran like a well oiled machine... lately it's been doing some crazy things. I agree on the nova launcher front... one of the first things I install usually. Nova makes everything better :-D

And thanks, I hope I have better luck with either the note 3, the g2, or another one I narrowed down to that I'm blanking on (how interesting can it be if I'm blanking on the name right now... ha!)

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Haha thx.. its kinda funny how wound up phone nerds get.. such fanboys.. these Samsung idiots are bad.. so are the moto x blowhards. I've owned 4 Samsung smartphones and about 3 replacements on each one.. anyone still buying Samsung is a goofball.

You just lost my support Philly... I had just got done saying everyone's experiences are different... you've obviously had multiple bad experiences with Samsung. A lot of other people have had the opposite experience as you. I also have a hard time defending people who call others idiots for sticking with a product that works just fine for them, as if your experience is supposed to echo theirs, as well as your viewpoint on the subject. Maybe you're the idiot for continuing to replace a product that obviously hasn't worked for you, with the same product that hasn't worked for you... ?? Stop calling people names for using a specific brand that you don't like... to me that's just ludicrous. And stop generalizing... Samsung doesn't suck just because you or I have had less than stellar experiences with them... move on

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Um... you have a warranty... Every company has a few lemons... Even the best of em... You may wanna have it replaced... Unless u have flashed it on another network like metro or cricket .. That's the only time i heard of the issues u speak of... Experience as in like and dislikes are true to each his own... But performance shouldn't vary.. That much... It's not a crap shoot.. They built it to work a certain way... If its not working that way it would be considered abnormal..

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Let me guess the last Samsung u owned was a...... Fascinate? Smh... Top 1or 2 battery life in the industry... CLOWN!

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Fascinate , gnex on Verizon. Epic 4g, galaxy s3 on sprint. All shit phones. Assclown fanboy.

The Fascinate was a disaster, but they did fix it or upgrade you for free
The Gnex was put together by Samsung, but that is pretty much all they did. The rest is Google and Verizon
Cant't say anything about the Epic, didn't own it
The SGS3 is awesome.

Sorry your experiences sucked, but STFU and GTFO. We got your hate loud and clear.

Forum tough guy here!! Smh... Fyi I've had htc 6700 touch, touch pro 1&2, incredible, t-bolt BB- pearl and storm, moto - droid, droid razr, razr maxx, Samsung - gnex,gs3, note2, and some other wp i can't remember..... My next will probably be Lg G2..... So who the hell is a fan boy.... I just state whats true... Ur ignorance is very amusing...

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You must be ROUGH on your phones, Assclown.... umm... I mean philly. I've had my Samsung Galaxy Nexus since June, 2012, and it's still in mint condition. Runs like a dream. It only has one very small scratch on the glass, because I choose not to use a screen protector. I keep several extra batteries always charged (by two external chargers) and in my purse, and if I decide NOT to upgrade to another phone in February when my Verizon contract is up, I'll be just fine with this great little phone until they decide to stop updating it altogether. It sports 4.2.2, and is just waiting on VERIZON to update to 4.3. Although I'm excited to see what the Note 3 will be like, this phone has served, and still IS serving me quite nicely!

I'm not rough on them at all.. Man talk without so much hostility...it will take u far.
But i like phones... And i usually find away to get the one i want.. The fact I take care of my phones.. Allows me to resale them for top dollar... The GNex runs great...if u like vanilla.. That phone was the turning point for Samsung... I feel they will level out now. Apple ran out of tricks and marketing schemes.. Samsung will too... At that point its just going to come down to how well people appreciate their products... But their products dont suck is all i was trying to say.... Yes they use to be horrible absolutely horrible.. I agree... I never thought I'd own multiple Samsung phones... But hey

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Hopefully Samsung does a better job with updating the OS on the Note III than they did with the Note II.

This. While the note 2 still works awesome, a year later it not having even 4.2.2 is a crying shame Samsung. Especially for a premium device like this. So no more of my money to you Samsung. You probably don't need it anyway.

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As a Korean, I'm just happy that these fanboys are handing over their cash to Sammy like bunch of sheep, which ultimately boosts economy in Korea.
But as a tech nerd myself, HTC One is clearly the best product right now and I've bought the One instead of any Sammy products.

Nonetheless, thanks guys for helping my country grow LOL

Another troll, and a bad one too. You call people sheep and thank them for giving money to your country, then you give your money to China. WAFJ

this is gonna be tough... I will be stuck between the Nexus 5 (or whatever) and the Note 3.... Prolly can't go wrong with either, but the specs leaked for the GN3 so far have me leaning that way.

I'm in the exact same boat as you. By October we should find out more about the next Nexus. By then I'll make my decision.

Ditto. This or Nexus 5. It would be really nice if they improved the build quality over the S4 and cleaned up Touchwiz look and feel but probably not enough time to do that. I know the right thing to do would be to get an HTC one but I can't pull the trigger with these two coming out.
Moto X is a bust as far as I'm concerned btw.

I have cash, card, and ready to go. Come on Verizon be first, be ready and get it launched.

Ok Spigen what will you have ready, what is coming and do we have to wait a month for delivery. Love their products, just want them at launch time.

Arguing over which phone is better is like arguing iver which car is better. Stupid senseless argument. It all depends on what your criteria for a phone is. I am sure everyone looking for a vehicle is not looking for just speed, towing capabilities, gas mileage, etc.

And that's a picture of a note2..... They aren't going to show the note3 before hand.... Lol

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Spigen makes wonderful cases(i don't use cases anymore) ... I wonder of this means Samsung has officially outsourced their flip cases to Spigen... This is interesting

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I hope they have a better selection than they have for the Note 2 (or the S3), currently all they offer are extremely overpriced leather "flip" cases..
It's a shame too, I really like the Neo line, especially on the S4.

So excited to see the unveiling of the Note 3! The most anticipated device of the year!!

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I don't care what anyone says about Samsung. I started with the Droid Charge>Galaxy Nexus>Galaxy S3> Galaxy Note 2 and I'm getting that MF'in Note 3! My credit card is warmed up for this off contract purchase as I keep my unlimited data through VZW! Party!

Man i like Samsungs tooo... Alot.. Aren't u tired of touchwiz.. I mean its great imo... But it needs a major makeover... I've had most of the same phones.. I just don't know that i can do it anymore.. Revamp it please.. Just a different clean metro look Samsung.. Look at ios7 the new sense.. Let's keep this marriage fresh Samsung.. Or I'm gone.... Lmao

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Well I guess I forgot to say I never usually run a stock ROM. The only one I did was with the Droid Charge. With the Note 2 I'm on Jellybean's Rom Build 21 and it looks ASOP. I like a lot of the stock touchwiz features like Samsung's SMS/MMS app and their Music Player. I listen to a lot of music on my SDCard and can't STAND the Google Play Music app. I guess it's what you get used to. I played with many HTC phones and hate sense. Everyone has their own opinions.

The SGS5 is the one that will be a change. All those SGS3s will be coming off contract and they will have to pull a refresh to keep them hooked. This year is a tweener year

I'm guessing you're right... Can't argue at all... I'm feeling a meh about the Gs4...afraid the same about note3. Most people who like it (gs4) didn't have a gs3 or note2...i may get the note3 for the resale value alone... And just keep rolling wit it until they revamp touchwiz ..I'd Hate for them to update touchwiz when i have no upgrades and my 1yr old LG G2 only gets me $200 on ebay.. I can get double for my year old note2 i just found out

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Could you explain exactly how to do that? Someone mentioned it to me a few months ago, but I wasn't able to write it down at the time. I don't want to lose my unlimited data, either.
Thank you. :-)

I'm excited, the small bezel alone got me wanting this phone, and the better specs but I got to say I'm very satisfied with the Note II it's going to be tough topping themselves.

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+1... yes note 2 owners should not have high expectations... Every Gs3 owner i know who got a Gs4.. Isn't blown away... Some feel its less optimized... Newer amd faster doesn't always run better..let's see if Sammy is getting too comfortable

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I think the Note 3 will be the best Android phone in 2013 - 2014. I am hoping that the int storage will be bumped up to 32gb instead of that same old standard 16gb that is plucked down on most Android devices. 16 is just not enough, today's large apps and games can suck up so much int storage and not to mention the OS which usually takes up around 5-6gb. The Note 2 is still one of the most expensive phones on any of the Carriers list of devices. That is because of good reason, it is still selling and selling allot. Samsung gets a bad rap, they are the only Android manufacturer who puts a phone out the right way, all Carriers all at once.

That has more to do with the demand and money ... Trust Htc account reps were probably pissed at Verizon for not taking 'the one' upfront... But they(htc) should have declined making the DNA.. U gotta be willing to say all or nothing at some point to make your brand complete.. I want Samsung to now force a universal release date like apple.. To me that should be their next milestone for android... Seeing they were first to accomplish all US major carriers same phone no changes

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I am debating between the Note III and the LG G2. I will need to pay off contract price for my next phone to keep unlimited data on Verizon, so I will be looking for a phone that will give me the most bang for the big $$$ I will be shelling out.

And along with it, they are going to announce 4.3 update on the S4, S3, and Note 2!

JUST KIDDING! Here is the Note 3 with a huge camera strapped to it, a waterproof version, a version which can withstand the vacuum of space, and a version you can wear like a watch! Buy Samsung. And keep buying.

I hope it is, but Sammy doesn't seem too quick to push those upgrades as fast as it is making niche devices.

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Anyone hear anything on pricing yet? Its pretty close to IFA, still can't seem to find anything on that. Can't wait til Wednesday either way. :)

If they put stereo front facing speakers on it I would sell my One in a skinny minute.

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