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The argument over whether the Verizon (or Sprint, for that matter) Galaxy Nexus is a "true" Nexus continues, and we've got a great thread going on in the forums. Our own Jerry Hildenbrand has weighed in, with a post you've need to read if for no other reason than for some great insight into the update and open-source process and how it's a little different for the CDMA carriers.

It's a great discussion, and it's all going down here.


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From the forums: Is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus really a Nexus


Great discussion going on there and Jerry has provided some very good insight/answers into this whole situation.

Once again the neck beard comes through for us :)

I've always felt like the CDMA devices are Nexus in name. but not necessarily in the spirit of what enthusiast consider a Nexus.

On the other hand, who defines what a Nexus is? I'd say Google. So, if they say its a Nexus, I'll take their word for it.

Kinda like... mmmm
Walks like a duck... Quacks like a duck.... It's a duck (Google)
Walks like a duck... Quacks like a duck.... It's a chicken? (Enthusiast)

They might both walk like a duck, but one quacks like a duck and the other quacks like an OEM handset that is carrier branded, has carrier bloat apps installed, does not support AOSP, and severely falls behind in updates because of proprietary radio software.

IMO the CDMA GNEX devices are "real" NEXUS devices but,at least in Verizon's case, aren't being treated like NEXUS devices. We'll see if Sprint is more accommodating on their version.

What about the carrier branding, carrier apps, and lack of Google direct updates?

Once you take away all of the perks that a real Nexus has, it then just looks like a Nexus while it acts as a regular OEM device.

For me, the primary defining factor is the ability to use it as a reference device. As long as it is among the first to receive every upgrade to the API level, its a Nexus. I feel like we teeter on the brink of that falling off, but it hasn't happened yet.

Well in all respect there should be guidelines that make up a nexus device.

When the original nexus was released it was sold directly from google

All apps were designed to work for this phone

There were no carrier bloat ware , just google apps.

It was a pure android interface with no added skins

Updates were released quick and by google to all nexus devices.

My galaxy nexus just received 4.04 but it was on 4.02 since early this year. While Verizon was on 4.03 and some were on a different version of 4.04.
Verizon has bloat ware that comes from Verizon .
Up until recently the gsm version had to be imported from overseas for $700 . Some phones are updated by carriers and some are not. Some countries have a white version that you can't even buy from google. What a mess apples updating system is so easy and everyone gets the phone around the same span with the same updates. I'm hoping the next nexus gets it right.

Not to mention its no longer a reference for most developers to build around being that there are apps still not designed to work for it . ex. Hulu

It's really not a Nexus device. Verizon ruined it like they do every other android device they get their hands on. Verizon + Android = crippled device.

My unlocked GSM Nexus is a real Nexus device. I'll probably have Jellybean months before the Verizon version.

Because verizon puts two pieces of software to help track your minutes etc? it's all of a sudden bloatware?
When I was stock I didn't mind it.
A lot better than having amazon mp3, city id, etc. all pre installed.

Yes this is a true nexus.
Yes Verizon bumbled the launch.
Yes samsung should not be the next manufacturer of the Nexus.

Ive had verizon for over 6 years and android since OG MOTO DROID .
After doimg my research and looking at diff. Fones i decided on G Nex .
Not only cause of design ,ICS , and features. But because i woodnt b stuck with
Many carrier and manufacturer bloatware and cause it wood receive updates quickly
Being a Nexus . And after my ordeal with my HTC fones (11 of them in 2 months !)
But i feel that its was not marketed and promoted correctly.. and lack of support is
Sad. How can a Nexus fone b on different versions of ICS baffles me .. SHAME SHAME SHAME

I don't blame Google for putting the Nexus on Sprint and Verizon. They are just appeasing the masses that don't want to leave their carrier.

To all the people saying carrier branded "Nexi" aren't real, they are. They just aren't totally controlled by Google. By this I'm basically stating, Google gives you a CHOICE!

Apple did the same thing when the iPhone came to Verizon. Its a numbers game. If you want untouched Google get GSM. If you want to stick with your carrier you will have to settle for a little touching.

I guess Sprint will be touching me a little more from now on.

My understanding, from older Nexus devices, is the experience is straight Google and would be the same regardless of carrier choice. CDMA makes it difficult enough (drivers) to be a true Nexus device with delayed updates, but having carrier branding and apps would keep it from being in the Nexus category.

If it's REALLY considered as a Nexus device, and not OEM, why isn't it offered on the Google Play Store? It might be easier to define what an OEM device is, then work back from there.

OEM = Locked, branding, proprietary apps, carrier supported, update process approved through carrier

Seems to hit a lot of those points...

Let's cut out all this BULL BLEEP...When you spend 300.00 dollars on day one for the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and it comes with 4.0.2 December 15th 2011 and it's May 1st 2012 and finally 4.0.4 is poping up how great you think the CDMA version of the GALAXY NEXUS will be. I knew Verizon was CRAP when it came to the update game over 2years ago I just hoped it would be different when the Galaxy Nexus came out. Guess I was wrong Sprint proved that by launching there GALAXY NEXUS with what we have been waiting 5months for 4.0.4 plain and simple Verizon is the BIGGEST JOKE in the carrier game regardless of there so called big bad LTE network. I will look forward to this update when I get it but one thing is for sure I am selling my VERIZON GALAXY NEXUS for the GSM version being sold directly from google in the google play store and bring it either to T-mobile or At&t I haven't figured it out just yet. I refuse to be last to jellybean when that lands come October, November or December and if I keep the CDMA Verizon Nexus model then I will never get this jellybean update till march or april 2013. A person should not have too pay 300.00 dollars for LTE devices then turn around and have to root and rom just for proper Functionality or pick and choose what they want from apk files that have been extracted from unoffical updates. Carriers are suppose to be held accountable for proper timely updates especially since most roms are unstable any way. I will be selling my Verizon Galaxy Nexus very soon and take my 2lines of service from Verizon to elsewhere. Sadly I left Sprint in November and brought my 2 lines to Verizon wanting my first pure android device and was so happy to finally have one. Verizon has messed up this device with there tinkering of the software and have drastically messed around with the update cycle which doesn't help all the people who flocked to Verizon for the chance at having this device and jumped carriers. Honestly with the monthly bills being tops in the industry espically with 2 lines of service I am very much down on Verizon and plan on fixing this very soon.

All you had to do was wait 6 months on Sprint. I guarantee that Sprint's CDMA Nexus will get more timely updates than the Verizon one.

Don't forget, Sprint and Google are the only official places you will see Google Wallet.