Final Fantasy 3 announced for Ouya Android gaming console

Ouya's partnerships aren't stopping at OnLive; today they've announced that Square Enix will have Final Fantasy 3 available on the Android-powered gaming console in time for launch in March. Worried about an obscenely huge pricetag, since FF3 originally launched on Android for $15.99? Ouya promises that a free demo will be available, and make a very interesting point about the launch: "This will be the first time gamers outside of Japan can play FFIII on their televisions through a console." What most of us considered Final Fantasy 3 was actually Japan's Final Fantasy 6, which also explains why it was a big jump to FF7 for many gamers. 

It's great to see Ouya roping console developers as readily as those on the mobile side. Seeing as there's still 8 months to go before launch, I suspect we'll see many more big-name games find their way to Ouya. Which Android games would you like to play on the big screen with an honest-to-goodness controller? 

Source: Kickstarter

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What a bogus statement. I played it on my TV on the SNES back in the day. They need to say "This will be the first time a US gamer will play an official NA version of FF3."

Sure it doesn't have the same ring to it, but at least it'd be true.

Alpha Axl says:

It was first released for the DS a few years ago, so more like first time on Android.

mammlouk says:

"This will be the first time gamers outside of Japan can play FFIII on their televisions through a console."

Try re-reading that sentence. It specifically says "on their televisions through a console." I agree with the comment that this is the first time it's been officially supported since it was possible through other methods previously. I played it via emulator on my Dreamcast and on my original Xbox.

Hand_O_Death says:

I just really like the term "Android-powered gaming console".

Suntan says:

Glyder 3, big screen and with dual analog sticks. Come on Glu!

I'll even put up with some obnoxious IAP if this game was ever released.


crxssi says:

If the Ouya has access to Google Play, then why wouldn't we get access to ALL apps and games out there?

Or is the Ouya going to be a locked-down platform with no freedom?