Blek for Android

A minimalist game has made the leap from iOS to Android called Blek, which definitely qualifies as one of our top Android game releases for the month. This puzzle title has been earning accolades from all over for its wonderfully fresh mechanics. Players are presented with a series of circles that have to be popped before moving onto the next stage. Black spots are peppered in between; touch those and you have to start over. The way you hit those targets is by tracing a single gesture on the screen which is then repeated on its own over and over after you lift your finger. The line can be as simple as a short swipe that continues moving forward, but more often then not you'll have to get pretty creative to continue on.

Blek really is refreshing. The flat minimalist graphics aren't exactly brand new, but the subtle sound effects that use wind and voice acting make for something altogether otherworldly, not to mention the gameplay is clearly made for mobile first. Blek is definitely worth picking up for $2.99 if you're in the market for something different. Blek is also on the Amazon store if you're rocking a Kindle Fire.


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Blek game creeps onto Android


Please continue with these app articles. It's hard to sort the small amounts of wheat from the immense chaff. I add everything you mention to my wishlist then check it out when I have time


Happy to help! I spend a lot of time on those monthly game round-ups in an effort to separate the wheat from the chaff.

i lold. in all seriousness though, there is much chaf these days. to the point where i rarely check out new games anymore on android. i figure theyre all going to be time/actionpoint games with tons of IAPs. I cant stand all this junk. I wish more games were fresh like this. Ill take premium over freemium any day of the week. I dont mind spending money, but id rather spend it once and be done.

I agree completely about the IAP situation. It has definitely gotten out of hand, but I can't really blame the companies. It's the people who keep buying all that crap. If we all stopped paying insane amounts of money for IAP's companies would stop doing it.

On a side note, I developed a whole new level of respect for Sid Meyer (not that I didn't already respect the father of computer games) when he said in an interview a while back that he would never make a game that used IAP's because he believed that, in order to do that and make money, you had to make a game that was inherently not fun.

Here here, these app articles are great at helping to keep up with the decent stuff in the store. There is now so much shit being published that it's a nightmare to find anything new. Plus the recommendation system is awful.

I'm especially grateful for highlighting the paid games. I completely avoid free games now. It's worth a couple of quid for a good well rounded game


I hear what you're saying I still buy apps a lot but I torrent from time to time

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The Amazon app store has a couple of Blek games for the Kindle HD but by different developers. Any good? Any thoughts?

Don't know guess you can try them. They have the real Blek app there as well, so I purchased it with my free coins! Looks like a great game

I read the name of this game and all I can think of is Joe Pesci screwing with the South Afrikans in Leathal Weapon.

And it was Danny Glover, not Joe Pesci, but we knew what you meant ;)

EDIT: I retract my statement. Joe Pesci was in the scene, too. My bad.