Samsung Galaxy Nexus

And, once again, it looks like social media might have stuck its head where it doesn't belong. You might have noticed yesterday when AT&T on its Google+ page ignited a bit of a fire about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. While the GSM version is now available in the UK (and it's an unlocked, pentaband device, so it'll work just fine on AT&T if you were to import one here), we're still waiting on an official release date from Verizon. (Yes, we know full well about the latest Nov. 21 rumor, and we've heard that one ourselves numerous times. Still, not a done deal. Yet.)

Anyhoo. AT&T asked the following:

We expected requests for this for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which we do not have any new information to share. but do hear your requests to add it to our portfolio.

Out of curiosity how many of you are interested in the Galaxy Nexus? Please +1 this comment so we can see the demand here on Google+ so we can share interest here with our product teams. Thank you.

That post -- and its parent thread -- have since been deleted. Here's what we think happened: The Galaxy Nexus is Verizon's baby in the United States, at least at launch. For better or for worse, that's how it is. And we've got a feeling that someone at AT&T was politely reminded that this is the case, and the post was taken down.

We're still holding out hope that we'll see a proper GSM release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus here in the United States. (And maybe one for Sprint as well.) But we're also resigned to the fact that we're not likely to see one for a month or two, at minimum. Importing's always an option -- albeit an expensive one.

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AT&T pulls post asking whether you're interested in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Attention AT&T and Verizon: whichever of the two of you releases the Galaxy Nexus first gets my money. That is all.

My .02 cents - this whole thing seems nonsensical to me.

People who are on CDMA networks are going to stay there
People like me who swear by GSM networks are never going to step foot into a CDMA network

I understand exclusivity - but ultimately, you're asking two completely different audiences to jump ship - or give up what they love about their network to adopt a device. If Google really did sign some exclusivity deal in the US - it was a dumb move - there should at the very least be a GSM and a CDMA equivalent available (anywhere) - especially given that it looks like they gave it to Verizon, I (not giving a crap about LTE) - I don't want to have a fatter phone just because some network has to have a bigger radio/battery.

have you used Verizon's LTE yet? it's incredible. i'd carry around a backpack-sized battery to power my phone if i had to. every time i'm in an area with 3G only, it feels like dial-up to me. LTE is really, really... really fast. the nexus' place is on this network.

I doubt you really mean what you write, but you make the point perfectly that there are folks at the extreme edge of what they'll do to get that latest speed/function/whatever. Most Nexus buyers are the new adopter type, but most of us do NOT choose provider based on it having the fastest network; rather, it is a combination of factors. The cost for me to move to Verizon is very high, not going to happen, for example.

What delusional world do you live in? People tend to not jump ship because of familiarity with the company that they're in, not the network type. If they do pick another carrier, it's usually because of their coverage, network speed, or price. Nobody gives a damn whether it's CDMA or GSM.

If I didn't get a 24% discount at Sprint I would probably jump ship every other year to whichever phone I liked best. As it is I stay with my discount and the best phone I can find on Sprint when I need one. If I didn't have a wife talking sense into me I would probably be contract free paying full price for a new phone every 6 months.

Exclusivity deals are bad for the consumer...just like Avatar 3D being exclusive to Panasonic, the original iPhones, or exclusive games. Cell companies should win customers through the merit of their network and prices. I'm so tired of this.

Why would it be against any rules for ATT to ask this question on a social network site?

I can see why Verizon doesn't want to release it. They don't get any sponsorship bloat money from a Nexus device. At the same time they could really be hyping the ICS OS but they must have determined they sell enough of their other phones that it makes it worth it to wait.

Since VZ has some sort of exclusive on the Nexus (it likely it just for a short time), AT&T doesn't want to look like they don't respect deals.

I +1'ed the post last night and it had over 2000 +1s. Not everyone wants to swap Networks.

If VZW has an exclusive, how long is it for? Is VZW devious enough to purposely release the Nexus late. Is VZW ensuring that other carriers will not have this device for the Holiday shopping season.

If this was going on Google could not be happy with this, thus foreseeably fracturing the already fragile relationship between, VZW and Google. Could this be Verizon's first and last Nexus device?

Jus' some questions I'm asking, doesn't mean I believe them.

Wouldn't put it past VZW to do that. Big Red has always been a corporate monster and acted as shuch. I would hope that Google is learning from this and the next GNex will be availible to all carriers. I for one would not touch VZW with a stick let alone bed with them for two pain staking years. Nexus or no... LTE or no... I will not be put under that Red tyrants thumb. The Nexus will come to Sprint in time, AT&T and Tmo as well. With that being said...

Dear VZW-

Fuck you and your overpriced high horse! How dare you impeed upon the Android community and it's progress to make a quick buck. May amassive bankruptcy be in your near future and it be slow and painful. Good day sir!

My guess is that the whoe thing was a stunt to get people to view AT&T's account on Google+. I've been reading the articles over at another tech blog about the entire release cycle for getting a new phone onto the AT&T network. These things have SUCH a long timeline that if AT&T were going to release this thing in the next 2-4 months it would already be DEEP into the testing phase. There's just no way that they could take the results of that "poll" and turn it into a release in the short term.

I'm betting the left hand (their product planning team) caught wind of the right hand (whoever handles social media) and told them to take it down because it was just wasting time.

Not once in the 16 comments previous to mine, did anyone ask why Google is in bed with these jerks.

This phone has all of the radios in it. Release it on and be done with it.

All of this ruckus is making me less and less likely to buy this phone.

I think it was intentional in the following way: the G-Nex may sell many copies. To sow some hesitation and doubt among potential purchasers, they floated the idea to attempt to prevent those consumers from "pulling the trigger."

Regardless of whether or not ATT eventually offers the phone, those who hesitated didn't just then get locked into a two-year contract and may yet be wooed by a future ATT offering (G-Nex or successor/competitor).

It's what I would do if I wanted to create consumer confusion.

Lol at the dude who said he'd wear a battery pack just for the sake of having Verizon LTE. Now that's something I'd LOVE to see

Big Red fanboy walking around like ghostbuster with a nexus, lol. "Who you gonna call?!?!"

I highly doubt that Sprint or AT&T will see the Nexus. It always seems to be one carrier in the US only each release.

I highly doubt you know what you're talking about. I have the Nexus One unlocked (AT&T band version). When this phone came out, it was for T-Mobile in the beginning, and then they released the AT&T band version a month after. It's not always one carrier. Maybe one "exclusive" carrier in the first month, but not throughout.