Asphalt 8 controls on the Nvidia Shield

The built-in controller of the NVIDIA Shield makes it a perfect match for Asphalt 8: Airborne

Like many of you guys, I've been playing Asphalt 8: Airborne and destroying my battery for the past couple days. It's without a doubt a fun-as-hell game, and one of the best we've seen yet for any mobile platform. But while playing, and drifting my way around the corners, trying to catch the ramp "just right" for the barrel roll, I had to think to myself — what this really needs is a controller.

That's where the NVIDIA Shield comes in. I was delighted to find out the Asphalt 8: Airborne was optimized for the Shield, and you get that level of control you want in a fast, action-packed game that really needs it. A look at the image above tells you everything you need to know. The dual joysticks are perfect for this one, and with just a little more practice I'll be ready to take on all of Google+.

If you picked up a Shield, you really need to spend the buck and check this one out!


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Asphalt 8: Airborne and the Nvidia Shield is a match made in Android gaming heaven


It also works with the Moga Pro on just about anything powerful enough to play it. The only problem is the analog isn't really analog.

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So I might know what you are talking about but just to make sure, what do you mean the analog isn't really analog?

Analog sticks offer gradual levels of input, depending on how far you tilt the stick in any direction. Asphalt 8 does not function in this manner. Control input with a moga pro is the same whether you use the dpad or analog, which means full on or nothing.

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So I might know what you are talking about but just to make sure, what do you mean the analog isn't really analog?

Yeah, this really disturbs me, and I mailed them a lot for this issue. No update that fixes it so far however.

Thanks for confirming that it works with the Moga Pocket. That's what I've been trying to figure out. I don't buy games unless they are compatible with the Moga Pocket.

Doesn't it tell you in the market of the pocket pro app.?. I usually to on there to see all the comparable game's.

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Good game until season 3. Then you need to spend £70 to buy just one car good enough, or about 150 races. Disgusting for a paid game

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I know. And that's assuming you win every one and do loads of extras for maximum credits each time

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This game feels like a 1 dollar demo, I would have rather paid the full price like I did for Asphalt 6 and 7. ugh Really making me feel some type of way.

These $0.99 freemium games are even more of a cancer than the completely free ones. You are further insulted by having to pay for a freemium game with no perceivable benefit.

I'd rather pay $4.99 flat out for the game with no IAPs in site. As it stands, I simply won't download any games that use this model.

It works perfectly with the moga Pro....Great game I don't see myself getting bored with this anytime soon.

So I'm having fun with this on my Shield, and I'm glad Gameloft is finally supporting controllers, but does anyone else thing the car steering control using the analog stick on the Shield is a bit off? There's a huge deadzone that I can't seem to get rid of, and there are many times that the right analog trigger doesn't register inputs for the throttle (I'll floor it and it sits there at zero, then I "pump" it and it starts going - I'm starting to wonder if its the game or if its a hardware problem with my Shield). Also I'm not a big fan of the fremium model, I would have rather paid $9.99 or something for this than be constantly upsold car packs. Lastly, the framerate is OK, but not spectacular - is this the best we're going to get or is it a sign there's a lot more Tegra 4 optimization that needs to happen with developers like Gameloft?

All that said, it's the best racing game overall I've found for my Shield (Beach Buggy Blitz has better control overall but is too cartoony for my tastes) and I love all the big air :)

I normally don't buy games or play racing ones on my phone, but when I bought this game I was blown away. I think this is the closest to console gaming you can get on a phone. Long story short definitely buy this game it is every bit worth .99 cents.

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I bought a Moga Pocket this weekend from a T-Mobile store and one of the games that was "compatible" with it was Asphalt 8. For the $0.99 i paid for it i think its an excellent game. I have played it a handful of times so maybe im not far enough to understand why people are complaining about in app purchases but for ME its a great game and great addition to my device and the Moga controller.