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This one's dizzingly addictive. Switch is an Android racing game that's about distance, speed and trying to send you running for a barf bag, while trying to do an impression of Tap Tap Revenge at the same time.

You've got a little triangular racing thing, which goes speeding down a four-lane track. The idea is to miss things that are coming at you.. The game starts out pretty slow. But once it speeds up, it throws a wrench into things by going all sideways. It's an interesting mix of simple gameplay and visual tricks, and keeps things exciting.

Switch is free, and we've got download links after the break.

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slayerpsp says:

great for a free game runs well on Streak 7

gautch says:

"Switch is free, and we've got download links after the break."

Sooo... where's the market link?

balthuszar says:

it would be where it says "android market web link" right under the qr code

shoman24v says:

You didn't mention that the power ups allow you to charge the other vehicles and pass through the barricades.

gozirra says:

Looks like an Audiosurf ripoff without the audio.

Timelessblur says:

Hit link and installed to phone. I just love how I can install apps from my computer to my phone on Android.

ectoren says:

This sounds like Speedx 3D.

Nirvana328 says:

Return Zero is a similar game but imo has better game play

If ever there was game crying out for the use of the accelerometer...