The Moron Test

If you're thick-skinned and in the mood for some fast-paced, attention-demanding challenges, the Moron Test is for you.

The Moron Test is broken up into a series of sections filled with puzzles and tasks, and after you've completed one, you can move onto the next in line. It'll take a bit of time, though, because the game is unforgiving, and a mistake either starts you completely over or returns you to a checkpoint.

It all starts of simple enough, having you press buttons of the correct color or touch a duck, and once you've done enough of these correctly, the game tells you that now it knows you "have a pulse." That vibe permeates the game; it is the moron test, after all, so from your first puzzle, the game assumes you're a moron. You can only change its mind by beating its silly tests.

Despite the Moron Test's seemingly rudimentary nature, it actually does well in forcing you to think outside of the box (sometimes). Cracking the eggs from largest to smallest is straightforward, but what happens when you're told to press the green button, but the button is orange? If you waited for the button to turn green and then pressed it, you'd advance.

Overall, The Moron Test is good to kill some time (how much is up to you), especially if you're aiming to beat all five of its sections. It runs 99 cents in the Android Market, but if you're looking to start small, the developers have some of the sections in the Market by themselves, and all for free.

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 The Moron TestThe Moron Test

The Moron TestThe Moron TestThe Moron TestThe Moron TestThe Moron TestThe Moron Test


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Android Game Review: The Moron Test


Pffffffffft ... I am not paying 99 cents for an app to tell me how dumb I am ... All I have to do is call my dad to get that kind of ridicule

From your first screen shot it looks like you're experiencing some of the same issues I have. For one I can't access the last board because that message comes up and I can't get rid of it. Also seeing several FCs and other problems recently. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the game and replay value is good too. It just seems a bit wonky recently, maybe it's just me.

wow this is so old, I never realized it wasn't on android all the time. I got tired of it on my ipod a long time ago, but now i feel like playing it again. Its pretty cool, its starts easy, but you'll slip up sooner than later. Find someone who has never played it before and have some jokes at there expense..

I'm stuck where it says touch the up arrow and all there is is a down arrow! Flipping upside down doesn't work. I don't get it!

They should use beating this app in lieu of Captcha for every post published on forums, message boards, and blogs. It would certainly make the posts more readable.