As we all know, games are a pretty big thing to many people, lots of people love to download new games and play them for countless hours, most of the time right until your battery dies. With tons of games in the market and so many different categories of games, finding and sharing fun games with others can be a bit difficult. When hearing about game releases, or looking for a new game in the Android market, what type of games do you look for? Are you more of a sports person, someone who enjoys the casino experience from their device, or someone who wants to challenge themselves with a nice puzzle style game? Be sure to let us know what you chose, and it will be interesting to see what the Android community views as their favorite game type!

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Android Central Asks - What type of games do you play?


What about strategy? Not sure how to answer, to be honest. My favorite casual games on a phone or tablet are tower defense and other strategy-type games.

most played (and still playing): speedx 3d, beyond that I'm split between just about any tower defense type game.

Anything that I can download without Country Restriction
But the one I play the most is Jimmy Pataya

I just don't get mobile games, I just think "I wish this were a real game on Xbox" the whole time I'm playing.

I find myself mostly playing Kairosoft's various sim games. Grand Prix Story's addictive, and I hear they just came out with Pocket League Story (which is exclusive to Android... for now. I'm sure like GP Story, he'll port it to iOS in a few months).

Gee, spoilt for choice on the game generes, huh?

Role-playing games are my favourite, though I don't mind some sports games (particular car, NFL and vollyball games) and platformers...

What an awful poll.

What category does Angry Birds fall into? What about tower defense games? What about sim-city type games?

Angry Birds = Arcade and Action
Tower Defense (like Robo Defense) = Arcade and Action
Sim City (not sure but I tried Game Dev Story) = Casual

not the best categories imo but that's how the Market has them categorized.

true, but Arcade and Action are one category, so technically Arcade is part of the Action category. But casual was casually left off the list.

Action & Puzzles, I think that's about all that works on button-less devices.

Zombieville USA, Whiz Kid Jr., Angry Birds, Robot Unicorn Attack - are my usual suspects.

I chose "action" because "arcade" wasn't an option. As far as native Android apps go, I've spent a lot of time with Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Bouncy Mouse and Shoko Rocket, but I've spent a lot more time in Droid2600 and over the last week, MAME4Droid. Retro FTW!

Well, except when it has crappy controls like the official Pac-Man. Glad that one was the free app of the day.